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Theme decks

Urza's Destiny has four theme decks. One is monocolored, and three are bicolored.


Assassin is a black theme deck with a creature destruction theme.

“  Send in a swarm of small, black creatures backed up with creature destruction and discard effects to put a hit on the opposition and keep them on the run.[1]  ”
UDS Assassin.jpg

The rares in this deck are Attrition and Body Snatcher.

Battle Surge[]

Battle Surge is a blue/red theme deck with a haste theme.

“  Uses blue stalling tactics to hold off opponents while a host of red creatures without summoning sickness mount a decisive attack.[2]  ”
UDS Battle Surge.jpg
Battle Surge

The rares in this deck are Goblin Marshal and Urza's Incubator.


Enchanter is a white/blue theme deck with an enchantment theme.

“  Employs a variety of blue creatures who get even more powerful when enchantments are played, making the most of every spell.[3]  ”
UDS Enchanter.jpg

The rares in this deck are Rayne, Academy Chancellor and Thran Golem.

Fiendish Nature[]

Fiendish Nature is a black/green aggro theme deck with an "When this is put into a graveyard from play" or "When this dies" theme.

“  Uses fast mana sources to power a horde of green uglies with attitude, while a touch of black regrowth keeps the hits coming.[4]  ”
UDS Fiendish Nature.jpg

The rares in this deck are Ancient Silverback and Pattern of Rebirth.