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Official Guide
The Official Urza's Legacy Game Guide
Publishing Information
Author(s) Will McDermott
First printing April 1999
Preceded By
Official Guide to Urza's Saga
Followed By
The Official Classic Sixth Edition Game Strategy Guide

The Official Urza's Legacy Game Guide is a guide to the cards in Urza's Legacy. It is written by Will McDermott, editor of The Duelist at the time. It was published in April 1999.

Contents include:

  • Foreword by Henry Stern, Lead Designer of Urza's Legacy
  • A story entitled Scars of the Legacy
  • Card Analysis
    • Altered Mechanics & Card Cycles
    • White spells
    • Blue spells
    • Black spells
    • Red spells
    • Green spells
    • Artifacts & Lands
  • The Cards - Alphabetical Visual listing
  • Index