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Official Guide
The Official Guide to Urza's Saga
Publishing Information
Author(s) Will McDermott
First printing November 1998
ISBN-13 9-7815602-519-89
Preceded By
Official Guide to Portal Second Age
Followed By
The Official Urza's Legacy Game Guide

The Official Guide to Urza's Saga is a strategic Magic: The Gathering guide published in November, 1998.

Written by Duelist Executive Editor Will McDermott, the guide takes a card-by-card look at the 330 spells, artifacts and specialty lands in the Urza's Saga set. In addition to the card analysis, the Guide includes images of every card in the expansion and presents a unique look at Urza's story from the explosive end of the Brothers' War to his discovery of the Thran Mana Rig.

Drawing upon interviews with Mike Elliott, the lead designer of Urza's Saga, as well as his own experience with playing and writing about Magic, McDermott details possible uses, strengths and weaknesses of every card in the set. Beautifully designed by Sonja Telesco, this 128-page, full-color book features art from the expansion, descriptions of the new game mechanics, statistical information about the set, and a foreword by Mike Elliott.

The Guide includes McDermott's short story A Time for Remembrance.