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Theme decks

Urza's Saga has four theme decks. One is monocolored; two are bicolored; and one is tricolored.[1]

The Plague[]

The Plague is a white/black control combo theme deck focusing on Pestilence.

“  This black/white deck uses the power of Pestilence to infect your opponent with fear while leaving you unscathed.  ”
USG The Plague.jpg
The Plague

The rares in this deck are Pariah and Worship.


Sleeper is a white weenie theme deck focusing on sleeping enchantments.

“  This mono white deck exploits the many sleeping enchantments in Urza's Saga that will awaken and transform into powerful creatures.  ”
USG Sleeper.jpg

The rares in this deck are Barrin's Codex and Opal Titan.

Special Delivery[]

Special Delivery is an aggro red/green theme deck focusing on echo.

“  This red/green deck makes effective use of cheap creatures with echo to deliver the damage to your opponent early and often.  ”
USG Special Delivery.jpg
Special Delivery

The rares in this deck are Argothian Wurm and Wildfire.


For the icon and part of a Magic card, see Tombstone icon

Tombstone is a white/blue/black theme deck focusing on cycling and reanimation.

“  Blue/black/white is a powerful combination in this reanimator deck. Cycling allows you to get the cards you need when you need them.  ”
USG Tombstone.jpg

The rares in this deck are Abyssal Horror and Somnophore.


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