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Urza–Mishra War
Urza-Mishra War Volume 1.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Publication period September - October 1996
Number of issues 2
Character(s) Urza and Mishra
Creative team
Writer(s) Jerry Prosser
Editor(s) Jeof Vita, Jeff Gómez, Bob Layton
Penciller(s) Tom Mandrake, Bill Sienkiewicz
Letterer(s) Kenny Martinez
Colorist(s) Atomic Paintbrush
Preceded By
Antiquities War
Followed By
Dakkon Blackblade

The Urza–Mishra War comic was released in two volumes, in September–October 1996, by ARMADA, a division of Acclaim Comics. Written by Jerry Prosser, this comic continues the story of the Brothers' War first covered in the Antiquities War comics.[1][2] The Urza–Mishra War comic books are no longer canon; the later novel The Brothers' War provides a contradictory account of the same story.[3]

Volume 1: Brothers in Arms[]

Kayla is having an affair with Urza's apprentice, Tawnos. Harbin is born, but the father remains doubtful. During Mishra’s assault on Kroog, which takes place shortly after the child's birth, Mishra permanently disfigures Harbin by cutting off his left ear. The King of Kroog — Kayla's father — is killed by a dragon engine.

Volume 2: Blood and Sand[]

The council at the Ivory Tower assembles for the first time, in a bid to neutralize the Brothers. This meeting marks the first step toward understanding the interrelated forces of mana. The delegates of the Ivory Tower are killed by Mishra, and Terisia City is conquered after the treason of the Brotherhood of Gix. The war between Urza and Mishra is exacerbated by the Phyrexian demon who desires the powerstones for himself, thinking it'll grant him godlike power. In the end the brothers band together to defeat him. Harbin is initiated as a warrior-priest of Argive.


These issues included different versions of Phyrexian War Beast (Alliances) and Soldevi Steam Beast (Alliances)


All cover artwork was created by Bill Sienkiewicz.

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