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Hi all. I used to frequent the boards under this name back in 2000 for a few years. I'd be tickled if anyone remembers me from back then. I wanted to just be BDD here, but I guess it was taken on one of the related wikis. Anyway, I started playing in earnest during Apocalypse, dropped off after Mirrodin, and have picked it back up not long before Eldritch Moon. Yeah, I missed a bit in there!

Random trivia[edit | edit source]

Set names[edit | edit source]

Thirteen sets share a name with individual cards:

And, purposefully, the whole Time Spiral block:
  • Of the cards, only Weatherlight is from a later expansion. Conflux and Hour of Devastation are in their own sets.
  • Excluding Conflux and Hour of Devastation, Torment is the only one of these sets which contains one of these cards (Morningtide).
  • Each member of the Tempest block had one such card (in order: Apocalypse, Torment, Onslaught).
  • Cold Snap gets honorable mention here.

  • Avacyn and Urza are the only characters included in set names.
  • Plane names are frequently included in set names now, but had not been done before Mercadian Masques.
  • Weatherlight is the only specific item in a set name.

Camptown Races[edit | edit source]

Cards whose named fit the cadence of "Camptown Races", separated by color to facilitate my dream of a deck of them:






















Debatable[edit | edit source]

Just one of a two-part card: