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'''998: Time of Troubles'''
'''998: Time of Troubles'''
* Garth One-eye kills Okmark, then joins House Kestha ''(Forstchen, 1994)''
* Garth One-eye kills Okmark ''(Forstchen, 1994)''
*Garth causes all four extant Houses of Kush to rise against one another and the Grand Master ''(Forstchen, 1994)''
=== In the Year of Urza (Argivian Reckoning) ===
=== In the Year of Urza (Argivian Reckoning) ===

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Note: Remember that there are no adequate time measurements, even "day" or "hour", that can be used from one world to another.


Years are 420 days long with twelve 35-day months.

In the Year of the Festival[]

978: Night of Fire

  • Zarel and Kuthuman massacre the Turquoise House of Oor-tael (Forstchen, 1994)
  • Kuthuman ascends with the collective life forces of the Turquoise House, becoming a planeswalker (Forstchen, 1994)
  • Zarel becomes Grand Master of the Arena (Forstchen, 1994)

993: Zarel Ewine gouges out Garth's eye for disturbing the peace. (Forstchen, 1994)

997: Varnel Buckara cuts the throat of his first consort after she sleeps with Garth One-eye. (Forstchen, 1994)

998: Time of Troubles

  • Garth One-eye kills Okmark (Forstchen, 1994)
  • Garth causes all four extant Houses of Kush to rise against one another and the Grand Master (Forstchen, 1994)

In the Year of Urza (Argivian Reckoning)[]

Thousands of years before the brothers' war: fall of the Thran (Kayla bin-Kroog, trans. Taysir, adapted by Jerry Prosser 1995)

1-1-1 AR: Urza born.

12-35-1 AR: Mishra born.

Urza and Mishra studied at Tocasia's school for many years before discovering the stones. (Kayla bin-Kroog, trans. Taysir, adapted by Jerry Prosser 1995)

Tocasia ages before her school falls. (Kayla bin-Kroog, trans. Taysir, adapted by Jerry Prosser 1995)

These events span only four months:

  • Moon of Snow's End - day 2 (dwarven calendar), year unknown: Haasendel writes Kolevi for help (Duelist, 1994)
  • Flowerfeast Eve (a few days after Haasendel wrote Kolevi): Kolevi forwards Haasendel's letter to Ellsworth (Duelist, 1994)
  • 5th moon, 12th tide (Svyelun calendar): Volnikov writes Ellsworth (after Kolevi did) (Duelist, 1994)
  • Gothwinstide, day 5 (Leitbur calendar) - Ellsworth replies to Kolevi (Duelist, 1994)
  • Gothwinstide, day 7 (Leitbur calendar) - Ellsworth forwards Haasendel's letter to Klathe (Duelist, 1994)
  • Time of the Seventh Sacrifice (Tourach calendar) - Klathe sends assistance to Haasendel (Duelist, 1994)
  • Two days past Allfest (Leitbur calendar) - Ellsworth replies to Volnikov (Duelist, 1994)
  • Moon of Cloudless Skies (three moons after Moon of Snow's End) - day 14 - same year: Haasendel writes that dwarves are doomed (Duelist, 1994)
  • 1157 years before the Ice Age: Tevesh Szat destroys the remainder of Sarpadia's humans.(Kevin Maples & Jeff Gomez, 1995)

Before the Year of the Gathering (Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad)[]

Ten centuries before 1-1-1

  • Dominaria and eleven other planes trapped in a shard (Jeff Gomez, 1995)

500 years before 1-1-1[]

  • Storgard (last of Terisian empires) falls. (Jeff Gomez, 1995, nullifying his previous "some four millennia before")

Days before 1-1-1[]

  • Darian of Kjeld receives a plea for help in Balduvia. Lim-Dûl summons a horde to hunt the Kjeldorans the next morning. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)

In the Year of the Gathering (Reckoning of the Sages of Minorad)[]


  • The Kjeldorans find a survivor. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Gregor of the Order of Kjeld dies. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Lim-Dûl battles the Kjeldorans and is encased in ice by Leshrac. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Onala leaves the Order of Kjeld. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Zaraya consecrates her life to Freyalise. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Bolar forges an alliance between the Marked Ones of Balduvia and the Kjeldorans (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Gathering of sages of Minorad (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Treaty of the shard is broken when Tevesh Szat kills Chromium Rhuell. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Planar juncture happens, freeing Lim-Dûl from the ice and allowing temporary access from Dominaria to Shandalar. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Freyalise sinks all of Azoria except its highest mountain (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Faralyn uses Chromium's life force to ascend. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Leshrac kills Ravidel; Freyalise and Taysir resurrect him. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)

Three weeks after the Gathering: End of the ice age


  • Autumn
    • The Aster Fall (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Adam Carthalion dies. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • No longer headed by Adam Carthalion, Ephren and Arathoxia fall out of favor with one another (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • Ten days after the aster fall, Ezer swears Jared's vengeance. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
    • 24 days after the aster fall, someone animates a tree to save Jared from wolves. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)


  • Winter: 3 months after the animation of the tree, nearly Yule - Ezer and Jared take refuge in the slums of Arathoxia. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)


  • Seven years after taking refuge - The Shadow Mage attracts Ravidel's attention (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Less than a month after Ravidel discovered Jared's whereabouts - Jared and Ezer assaulted in their home by Ravidel's berserker (Jeff Gomez, 1995)


  • Late summer, 1280 - Eusomone bestows Foecleaver to Jared (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • 5 days later - Jared brings Ezer to hospice (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • 1 day later - Narok and the Scarlet Vizier present a treaty to the Grand Sultan between Ephren and Arathoxia; the Sultan destroys it. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • Jared battles Ravidel, Liana intervenes. (Jeff Gomez, 1995)
  • First eve of autumn, 1280 - Ravidel attacks Arathoxia (Jeff Gomez, 1995)


An upcoming date and time (in Epityr in an age of rediscovery of the Urza-Mishra war) was called "fifth day past Arces in the hour of the third rising" (Ildria Caldos and Farsa Tashiir, translated by Kathy Ice, 1994)

Ravnica (AC/ZC)[]

12-31-1 AC Last day before Guildpact

1-1-1 ZC Guildpact signed. (prior is noted as AC)