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My response

There are no grey areas. We have discussed the things you brought up in the forum. We decided we didn't want the sort of pages you wanted to make and Vest told you that. But you kept going with 100 page essays about fighting the power and started vandalizing other peoples pages. So I blocked you, and I think that was the right thing to do, because you were completely unproductive to the wiki and to the discussion of where the wiki should go. Why you want to pursue this even further I don't get. We are a just starting wiki, with a ton of work still to be done and you are fighting petty power games about 'grey areas' and other things that are so not important right now. We are not writing the bible and if you want to work on some of the stuff that actually needs to be done on the wiki, like the storyline, that's fine. But stop with the messiah complex and the whole 'teaching me a lesson' attitude. You really need to take a step back right now and look at your 'quest', because it's both misguided and pointless with a touch of megalomania. Just because we didn't want your mathematic articles, doesn't mean the administration of this wiki is bad. I will not block this account for the time being, because I really want to hear your response. Sneakyhomunculus 04:59, 31 January 2007 (CST)

I really suffer from megalomania, that is a fact. I am also stubborn, hotheaded, and often spin from one direction of thougth to a totally different one. And if I believe something is turning personally I become obsessive. Very! For some reason I viewed you block as personal, so I became obsessive.

I hate restraints, and my biggest talent is to spawn new creative things. I'm not good at fact's, because I create facts, not untrue facts but real facts like manacurves faster than anything I have seen in any slighdeck (using creatures with no special abilities). I have made articles about how "the slighprinciple" is actually a big failure in trusting what seemed to be facts. There is grey areas. Belief is that area. What you believe to be true may not be the whole truth, and when someone comes along stating otherwise you will be hard to "convert"

My strength is in research. And research is theory. And theory is not truth. Something untrue is a lie. Thats the general mental approach of humans. If I am to contribute in here I will be "weakened" in everything I do. I can't work my very best under such conditions...

At least that is what I was thinking before our "war". I can actually contribute and still work around constrictions at the same time. I can innovate stuff out of the air like I use to. I just have to "bend" the rules in a legal way.

Take for example this conflict: When all lines of communication breaks down wars become intensified. There should always be one channel available for communication. (I forced such a channel into being because like VestDan have stated it migth still be possible to rehabilitate me).

I don't know the limit's of what you mod's can do with pages in here, but let me suggest a solution to the communication breakdown.

I envision a JAIL... When someone goes bad (like me) you block them, fair and square, but you also tell them that they have a jail from where they will be able to communicate, and if they make redemptive contributions from inside the jail they may become unblocked again.

As for the technical aspects of the jail I can only make a qualified guess: The jail will have to be a page that can only accessed by the use of a username & password. The username could be PRISONER and the password JAIL. This would be revealed to all offenders so they will have a page available for communication. I don't know if this is something within your powers to make but it will prevent someone like me from lashing out to reopen communication. If it is not possible to lock the jail down to one page you should still consider using it. It will be far more easy for you to track down the moves of an offender if they are operating within a single user account instead of multiple accounts like me, consider if you would have discovered my reply inside birdmaiden if I hadn't prodded you on the shoulder.

The suggestion for this JAIL is technically an advicepage. It is part of the grey area because it is something new, and all new things have multiple sideeffects and impacts, and to discuss those it would become theory and thereby non-factual. The suggestion however is usefull, and that is the function I could embrace. I can make suggestions. So all you have to do is bend the rules enough to allow for suggestions. That could make me a valuable contributor.

I can easilly think of an advice/suggestion-page on how mods as a whole should react towards offenders, because as a whole you were to disorganised in my oppinion. You could have blocked this page too, and I could still have responded to your reopening of communication. In fact please delete this user. I love the artwork of Bird maiden, but having it as a username is a bit perverted, isn't it???

Regards Wickeddarkman abusing Birdmaiden 06:36, 31 January 2007 (CST)