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Fenhl [ˈfɛn.xl̩], also known as Max Dominik Weber, is a creator and player of games interested in the mechanics of Magic. He enjoys watching other people play Magic, and playing a casual variant called Magic Dominion. He also started playing Standard and Commander in December 2015. He likes to talk about himself in the third person.

Magic Dominion[]

Magic Dominion (also spelled Magic-Dominion, Magic/Dominion, or Magic: Dominion) is a casual variant which essentially plays like a crossover between Magic and the card game Dominion. The variant was invented by attendants of a game design project at the first Mensa Juniors Germany Summer Camp 2014, and has become somewhat popular among people associated with the camps. Defining the variant within the rules of Magic is an ongoing process which Fenhl has been leading, and the current version of the rules can be found at GefolgeWiki.

Custom Magic[]

Recently, Fenhl has become part of the Custom Magic community, where he helps maintain the Custom Constructed formats by managing the Comprehensive Rules changes required to make the custom mechanics work.


deck name
Colors Included Notes
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Jeskai Spells W U R Casual deck for team-based formats, based on prowess and surge
Rallying Cry W R Slightly modified Battle for Zendikar intro pack Rallying Cry
Ravnican Slivers W U B R G Commander deck (Sliver Overlord)
Om Nom Nomnath R G Commander deck (Omnath, Locus of Rage)
Visions of Emrakul Commander deck (Emrakul, the Promised End)

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