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GeoMike is an American MTG Salvation user and a MTG Salvation Wiki sysop.

Online activity[edit | edit source]

MTGS Wiki administratorship[edit | edit source]

On July 26, 2007, GeoMike and MORT were added as MTGS Wiki sysops after the retirement of VestDan.

Biography[edit | edit source]

GeoMike is Mike from Georgia, hence his handle "GeoMike". He started playing when Fallen Empires was selling, and is a Magic player and collector. He has a large collection, and tries to collect a playset — 4 — of everything (excluding the expensive early cards).

  • Card he had been most excited about buying individually at a store - Raging River
  • Biggest dollar purchase of cards (not packs) he has bought from a store - 24 Dual Lands (at the time they were $10 a piece)
  • Artwork he's most proud of owning - Personally signed print of art from Hymn to Tourach (with individual doodle of a fox :) ) by Susan Van Camp, bought at DragonCon (Atlanta) 2006.
  • He's been a Level 0 Judge - basically verify deck lists, answer questions (if question was above my knowledge called over a higher level judge).
  • Foreign language of cards he owns the most of - Spanish
  • Foreign language that he owns just one of - Russian
  • Favorite color - Green
    • Favorite deck type - Enchantress - He played in a big official Type 2 (back when it was called that) in Atlanta when Opalescence was the rage with his Enchantress deck and he says it was exciting to hear it mentioned "have you guys seen that Enchantress Deck, I wasn't expecting one of those here". He had a big smile on his face hearing that.

MTGS Wiki[edit | edit source]

Articles I Started[edit | edit source]

To-Do List[edit | edit source]

  • Fat pack
    • Start a section on "Changes in the Fat pack".
    • Scan a page from the pre-Ravnica visual encyclopedia and the post-Ravnica visual encyclopedia to show the difference from alphabetical to alphabetical by color.
  • Colors
    • I want to print out the articles for every color and compare them. They need to be rewritten so they all look the same in format. One color might emphasize too much talk on flavor and not enough about the mechanics of their color or vice versa. The five colors are just not cohesive as a whole.

Articles I Want To Start[edit | edit source]

  • Duelist (magazine)
  • Enchant world — I wonder if we need this now after I found the World article.
  • Foreign language releases
  • Misprints — I've incorporated Misprinted cards as a sub-heading of each expansion set that has had a misprint.
  • Starter deck aka Tournament Packs
Articles I don't know what to do with[edit | edit source]

Articles to watch and monitor[edit | edit source]

  • Statistics and trivia - Each time a set comes out and is added to gatherer, the numbers on this page must be updated.

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Some keywords have a color percentage section (i.e. affinity). I'd like to see all keyword pages have a color percentage section, but doing this, these pages need to be monitored each time a new set comes out because the color percentages can change when a keyword is used again.

Will add to the above list.

Rules[edit | edit source]

Good page with comprehensinve rules and an example in the rules, follow its syntax.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Image[edit | edit source]

Decks[edit | edit source]

  • {B} Standard Rats
  • {R}{G} Extended Elementals
  • {G} Extended Elfball
  • {G}{W} Extended Enchantress
  • {W}{U} Vintage Always play with protection
  • {U} Standard Merfolk Mill

Spanish[edit | edit source]

Wish I was more fluent in Spanish so I could translate articles <sighs>

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