The GreatPerhaps

aka Perhaps?

  • I live in The U.S.A
  • I was born on January 4
  • I am Male
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Courtesy of a friend on the wiki, I've realized apparently I'm a legendary creature. Or a legendary... Something.

Mana Tap, Get out of Bed: Return target Human creature from graveyard to play.

Mana RMana Tap, Burn Mouth with Hot Tea: You gain and lose 1 life.

Mana UMana Tap, Take Control of my Day: Counter Target Crisis.

Mana GMana Tap, Eat Food: You gain 20 Life.

Mana WMana Tap, Fake it Till you Make it: Gain Vigilance until end of turn.

Mana BMana Tap, Sleep: Place Target Creature from the Battlefield into your Graveyard.

Hello, general public. I appreciate your view to my humble little wikia description.

My first experience with MTG was two years ago during gameplay with one of my friends at a math and science camp. I had no idea what was going on, but I enjoyed playing the game, because even though my first real game was a two-on-two, my team still won. :3

I've dropped too much money on these cards, but I'm really into the game. XD I have primarily some of the newer sets, like Battle for Zendikar, Magic 2015, Oath of the Gatewatch and Khans of Tarkir. My favorite set, however, is more than likely Eventide.

My favorite victory- one game against a fellow player, sporting a full poly-color deck featuring Slivers, an Obelisk of Alara, and creatures enchanted with Spirit Loop. In my small amount of experience that's a bit overpowered x3 this victory goes to show why I love control decks.

My favorite MTG colors are Blue, White and Black. These colors make for the best control decks in many aspects. To me, Green is sort of an accessory/supplementary color while I tend to avoid Red.

My favorite color combinations:






P.S- If you call me by my username please refer to me as "Perhaps," not "Great". Because I'm not great/perfect, and it makes me feel weird. Muchly appreciated, general public.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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