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    As you may have guessed, my Vampire deck is meant for Casual games and stands no chance against competitive decks. I would like to fix that, but I'm not going to.

    No, I'm going to leave the deck intact and use it only for casual games. I will, however, proxy a duplicate for competitive games. It will need to be improved though. So let's take a lookie at what we can do with it!

    First, this is what we start with...

    3 Barony Vampire
    3 Bloodthrone Vampire
    4 Captivating Vampire
    3 Child of Night
    1 Dakmor Lancer
    1 Reassembling Skeleton
    2 Viscera Seer

    2 Ancient Craving
    2 Corrupt
    2 Crystal Ball
    3 Diabolic Tutor
    4 Doom Blade
    2 Quag Sickness
    1 Rise from the Grave
    1 Soul Feast

    26 Swamp

    Not bad, but definitely not competitive. Let's make some adjustments.

    Rise from the Gr…

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  • GoldenSandslash15

    Best Game Ever

    February 20, 2011 by GoldenSandslash15

    3*** Topic is Welcome to #mtg || Card Lookup: || Legacy Format is considered normal here || Detailed Rules: || Play nice everyone, don't be a stickler

    3*** Channel mode is +ntr

    hi GS
    You up for a game?
    Hmm. Sure.
    #set 20

    5 GoldenSandslash: You have set your life to: 20

    #set 20
    mainstreet: You have set your life to: 20
    (Just fyi, I'm using a different deck.)
    !roll 1d20

    5 GoldenSandslash rolled 2

    I'm using one of my better decks :p
    !roll 1d20
    mainstreet rolled 2
    !roll 1d20
    mainstreet rolled 12
    !roll 1d20

    5 GoldenSandslash rolled 3

    You start
    ZetaTools hates me.
    Quest for the Gravelord
    #card Quest for the …
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    Improvements to the M11 Precon Reign of Vampirism Deck

    Upon playtesting in several duels with mainstreet and one with Akiza, I have found that the best card in here is Captivating Vampire. It powers up nearly the entire deck, and often when dueling, I was wishing that I would draw it. Not only does it increase the power of Vampires, but when I get five of them out, I can gain control of an opponent's creature. This is especially helpful because since my cards are weak, my opponents often controlled the powerful creatures.

    So, why have only one Captivating Vampire? It's a great card, and one of the few cards in this deck without multiples. I should definitely add more.

    The bad things about this deck? Everything Green. I hated it when I drew Gr…

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