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A utility land is a land that has a effect or ability other than generating mana.[1] These vary from destroying permanents to giving creatures increasing power, toughness, and evasion, and even to milling cards. Oftentimes, tapping the land and/or other lands is required to activate the abilities of the utility land.



Kessig Wolf Run
{T}: Add {C}.
{X}{R}{G}, {T}: Target creature gets +X/+0 and gains trample until end of turn.

Land cycles[]

There have been a number of cycles of utility lands throughout Magic's history.

Common cycles[]

Some functionalities are so common or prominent that they have their own article:

Legends utility lands[]

An early set of utility legendary lands from iconic Dominaria locations. Each has an otherwise uncosted ability alongside providing colored mana.

Alliances utility lands[]

Another set of the earliest utility lands, Alliances had a cycle of lands that required the sacrifice of the land of the appropriate type (untapped, if the land created two mana). While Lake of the Dead is by and large a mana land, the other four have relatively powerful repeatable effects.


Main article: Guildhall

They represent the headquarters of the Ravnican guilds.

Innistrad utility lands[]

This is a mega cycle of utility lands from Innistrad block. Each land taps for {C} and has an activated ability with an activation cost that requires the two colors associated as well as a varying amount of generic mana. The allied colored lands represent a place or home for each main tribe on Innistrad.[2] The enemy lands are not connected to a tribe.

Utility taplands[]

Main article: Utility tapland

Utility taplands are taplands that provide a utility effect instead of producing multiple colors.

An example is the cycling lands, which have the cycling mechanic as their utility effect.

Blighted lands[]

This is a cycle of utility lands from Battle for Zendikar set. Each land produces {C} and has an activated ability which sacrifices the land with an activation cost that requires the colored mana as well as a varying amount of generic mana.

Banding lands[]

This is a cycle of utility lands from Legends set. Each land can't tap for mana and has as effect: [Color] legendary creatures you control have "bands with other legendary creatures."[3]

Eldraine Castles[]

This is a cycle of utility lands from Throne of Eldraine set. They enter the battlefield tapped unless you control a land with an associated basic land type.

Strixhaven Campuses[]

This is a cycle of utility lands from Strixhaven: School of Mages set. They are lands that produce enemy colored mana, enter the battlefield tapped and have the ability {4},{T}: Scry 1. They represent the set's namesake colleges.


Main article: Stripland

They are lands that sacrifice to destroy other lands.

Tribal lands[]

Main article: Tribal land

Many tribal lands have utility components interacting with cards of the associated tribe.

Legendary lands[]

Main article: Legendary land

Many legendary lands have utility purpose, notably the cycle from Legends and Champions of Kamigawa.

Other utility lands[]

These are utility lands which are not part of a cycle. Most of them can add {C}. However, some of them produce colored mana and others have no mana production whatsoever.

One-shot (sacrifice) effects
Without mana production


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