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Plane Ravnica

The Utvara Reclamation Zone is a harsh land situated outside the main city of Ravnica. As a barony, it falls under the reign of Teysa Karlov.

The main seat of Selesnya's power in this region was Vitar Yescu, an enormous living tree (but still minuscule compared to Vitu-Ghazi) that produced a pollen that served as an antigen to a local plague.

The zone now is not under the direct control of any guild, although the Orzhov Syndicate began a small settlement there. The majority of Utvara was controlled by various divisions of the Gruul Clans. The Husk surrounded it, and the southern two thirds were a small town. Thousands of years ago, Utvara had been a vibrant section of the world with a free zone that rivaled the central metropolis of Ravnica. Before that, it had been part of the ancient hunting grounds of Niv-Mizzet, whose first lair is supposedly located somewhere within.[1] It also once featured the Cauldron, the former seat of power for the Izzet League.[2]

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