MTG Wiki
Race Pixie
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime sometime after the Phyrexian Invasion
Dragons: Worlds Afire

Vaan was a blue Pixie from Dominaria, about half the size of a human. He was enslaved by a dragon.

The dragon Zumaki of the Bottomless Pool had enslaved Vaan and his people in order to revel in the illusions of their glamour. But Zumaki was attacked by a Mak Fawa, and in the battle, both dragons were killed. Thanks to the infiltration and regeneration powers of the Mak Fawa though, a new dragon rose in their place, with the body of the engine and a twisted version of Zumaki's mind.

This new dragon also enslaved Vaan's people, but with its twisted half-sentient mind, it did not realize that the pixies could not survive from mortal wounds as it could. After a few months, it had perfected a way to allow him to resurrect them, but by that time only Vaan was left, the mummified remains of the other 200 of his people stashed away in the deepest reaches of Zumaki's mountain. Vaan was forced to place glamours on the merger-dragon, so the demented beast could pretend he was still the true Zumaki.

Vaan was placed under a geas that prevented him from divulging too much information about the dragon. But he was an ingenious pixie, and through roundabout ways and intricate pantomimes of glamour-illusions he managed to gather together a group of warriors to kill his new master, including potion-master Donner Gus, his apprentice Tania Cayce, the artifact-hating druid Kula, and the crew of Captain Hask, the man who wields the Hand of Righteous Retribution, a magical sword that Vaan thought necessary to kill the dragon.

While the group was seemingly successful, though they suffered heavy losses, they ultimately failed. When the survivors of the group had left, the dragon reconstructed himself and reanimated Vaan. Saddened by his failure, Vaan vowed to try again, but until he could organize another group of dragonslayers he just had to play the role of a slave.