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Vaash Vroga
Red-haired planeswalker 2
Race Human Planeswalker
Birthplace Urborg, Dominaria
Lifetime Mending Era
Center: {G}

Vaash Vroga, called the Orphan of Urborg, is a Dominarian planeswalker that was introduced in Magic: Legends.

Description[ | ]

She wears her long red hair up, and sports glowing chartreuse tattoos on her arms, and wields three jagged swords and one straight sword. She dresses in leather and cloth. On her cloth mantle are scarlet and chartreuse stones and the mark of the Nightwalker. She uses green magic to summon saprolings and elementals and can create simulacra of herself. Her planeswalking spell appears as a swirl and five streaks of green and black mana, and sometimes leaves behind a scorched patch that emanates green mana.

She was believed by Darigaaz to hail from Urborg.[1] She holds a deep-seated grudge against The Cabal and is respected by Danitha Capashen and the Benalish military as a powerful cobelligerent against the Cabal. She is rumored to be a Breathstealer.[2]

Ravnica and the Meditation Realm[ | ]

Red-haired planeswalker

Vaash Vroga from Magic: Legends.

Vaash eavesdropped on a conversation between Ral Zarek and his guildmaster Niv-Mizzet. She gathered information about an aetheric lens that she stole (either before or after the conversation), and then fled the plane. Later, she ambushed Ral on the Meditation Plane and flaunted her success. When the the Traveler arrived, Ral became temporarily distracted, just long enough for her to attack him and escape, leaving several swarms of saprolings and other green elementals to plague him there.[3]

Zendikar[ | ]

Vaash fled to the Floating Isles in Tazeem, where she met with Noyan Dar. She showed him several artifacts she had stolen from other planes, claiming they would help him restart the Roil that had calmed following the recent defeat of the Eldrazi titans. Not believing she could have brought them from other worlds, he turned her away; he would find some other way to restart it.[3]

Next, she visited Thada Adel, who eagerly embraced the opportunity to blackmail her rival Noyan Dar as unwilling to help heal Tazeem. In exchange for the foreign artifacts, which included Ral's aetheric lens, the red-haired planeswalker left Zendikar with the Khalni Seed.[3]

Further exploits[ | ]

Vaash busied herself with stealing objects from other locations as well, though the sequence in which she did so is uncertain:[3]

Gavony[ | ]

Upon her arrival in the village of Hexenrast, Ulav led her to his mentor Nani Oula, the witch of the Moorlands. She offered an apprenticeship to the planeswalker[3] and tasked her with retrieving the body of Geralf Cecani's masterpiece, previously rendered inert by the Traveler, another of her apprentices. Realizing its potential value in other worlds, she took the body instead of delivering it to Nani.[4]

Shiv[ | ]

On the continent of Shiv, she bargained with Lord Gavon Deniz in his plan to capture and activate the Mana Rig. While Deniz used one of her curiosities to bind Darigaaz, she used another to control Keltaz of the dragon brood of Kyashatar, causing Keltaz to kill several Benalish soldiers. She also killed Squee and several other goblins by summoning a swarm of saprolings, not realizing Squee would rise again and tell the story.[1] Her motive for helping Deniz in Shiv is thus far unknown.

Tolaria Academy West[ | ]

At Tolaria West, Vaash provided hedrons to the students of Uthras to help aid in his research on bonding flesh with artifacts. Then, deep within the caverns of the Crescent Shores, Vaash swiped a cerebral matrix that the geomancer Khalila of the Society of Mishra was using to control the minds of prospective Tolarian Academy students.[5]

Corruption by the mantle[ | ]

She fed the power of the artifacts she stole to her mantle of the Nightwalker, with the intent to use its power against the Cabal.[2] Despite her efforts to the contrary, she eventually lost control of the mantle and it briefly corrupted her before releasing Leshrac's soul.[6]

Planes visited[ | ]

Planeswalkers met[ | ]

References[ | ]

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