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Race Elemental Dinosaur Cat
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

Vadrok, the Thunder-Raptor is the apex monster of the Raugrin triome on Ikoria.[1]

Named after the terrible rumbling it produces as it streaks across the sky, Vadrok rules the skies of Raugrin. It may not be the biggest or fastest monster in the sky, but it is by far the fiercest. Vadrok generates magical energy as it flies, then releases it through its breath of blue flame. The sages say Vadrok's flames have magical properties that can cause all sorts of devastating effects, but the final result always seems to be the same: death. Vadrok's uncontested dominance and mobility mean it is liable to show up just about anywhere in Raugrin, and many city dwellers from other triomes derisively refer to the region as "Vadrok Turf."

Vadrok makes its nest in the Shroka Peaks, a strand of tall rocky columns in Raugrin. Its hunting grounds span the full length of Raugrin and even parts of Ketria. The planeswalker Vivien Reid believes Vadrok has the longest hunting ground of every monster on the plane.[2]

Apparently, long ago Vadrok burned a human sanctuary to ash. The magical fire not only destroyed the city but also erased all memories of its existence. Only the sage Rielle knows this mythos.

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