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God of Lies
Race God
Birthplace Kaldheim

Valki is the Skoti god of lies and deceit. He is called Trickster by some, Ruse-Forger or Prince of Mischief by others.[1]


Vain and selfish, he purposefully causes trouble amidst the realms.[2] He can be affable and even helpful when he wants to be, but he has done so many deceitful things that no one really trusts anything he says or does.

Valki is referred to as a brother of both Toralf and Halvar, indicating that he is one of Alrund's children.[3]


Valki once deceived Toralf, causing the god of fury to magically transport the Hall of Gods from the realm of the gods to Istfell, the realm of spirits. The Hall is still in Istfell today.[3]

Valki had always enjoyed pranks, but they had typically been more annoying than cruel. At one point in time, though, something changed, and Valki's pranks became mean-spirited and destructive.[4] The other gods didn't know how to keep him under control. What the gods didn't know was that the real Valki had been imprisoned on Karfell and impersonated by the planeswalker Tibalt to wreak havoc on Kaldheim.[1] Tibalt deceived Valki and bound him in magical chains in the dungeon of King Narfi's palace.[5]

Tibalt wanted to learn about the World Tree for some nefarious purpose and assumed Valki's identity to do so. He tried to ingratiate himself with Esika, but the god of the World Tree wanted nothing to do with him. Afterward, he carried out his research on his own, disappearing for long periods of time and only appearing to the other gods when he needed something. Most of the gods found his absence a welcome relief.


  • Valki is based on Loki, the Norse trickster god.

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