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First seen Planechase
Last seen Commander 2019
Status Unknown

Valla is a plane that was originally a realm in Kaldheim. It originally incorporated the realm of Immersturm, but that region was later split off.


The Immersturm region receives its name from a storm of magic (with the same name) that rages, causing the people of Valla to engage in a never-ending war, and is populated by demons.[1]


The Immersturm storm grew to cover a large area of the old Valla realm. One of the combatant factions deployed a mighty weapon, which cracked the realm in twain. Part of it fell from the World Tree and became an independent plane called Valla (which still contains an Immersturm region). The remnant of the realm that was still attached to the World Tree was consumed by its Immersturm region, and over time the original name of Valla was abandoned and the realm came to be called Immersturm.[2]


Valla was first in Planechase, on the card Immersturm.[1] However, in 2021, Immersturm was revealed to be one of Kaldheim's realms, and the status of Valla as a separate plane or another name for Kaldheim became uncertain.[3] According to Mark Rosewater, R&D "had to change some of the plane names from Planechase."[4]

Afterward, Ethan Fleischer declared that Valla still exists. He declared that Valla was originally a realm of Kaldheim that incorporated the region of the Immersturm. After their separation, Immersturm exists as a realm of Kaldheim and Valla has become a separate plane that still has a fragment of the old Immersturm region.[2] That means the Planechase card depicts a post-split Valla (as it has the Valla rather than Kaldheim subtype), depicting the remnant split part of the region Immersturm on Valla.

Known locations[]

  • Immersturm region.

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Notes and references[]

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