Valor's Reach

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Valor's Reach
The Stadium of Valor's Reach
Plane Kylem
For the mobile game, see Valor's Reach (mobile game).

Valor's Reach is the famous stadium high above Cloudspire City on Kylem.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Beings come from far and wide to watch competitions in the stadium, and thousands of cheering fans can pack the stands. Before they could compete in Valor's Reach, they must win in various smaller stadiums across Kylem to qualify. The stadium has an ever-changing landscape, and is well-stocked with hazards to force the action if combatants show too much caution. Arena beasts, bred for flashiness and foul temper, are sometimes added as additional challenges. The built-in obstacles force competitors to think three moves ahead.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Many different forms of combat or martial magic take place in Valor's Reach. By far, one of the most popular forms of combat is two-on-two battling.[2][3] Many have fought here, and a few particularly notable duos have received fame, glory, and sometimes notoriety.

The fighting is non-lethal, and is done in rounds. The goal of the combatants is to defeat their opponents with style and flair. Each duo begins with a set amount of points that are reduced based on magical hits and holds. This information is recorded and tallied by the homunculi penalty mages, and when one team is down to zero points, the other is declared the winner. There is an exception to this rule: some games are determined by "style points," which are decided by the amount of confetti that the audience throws in the direction of the winner.

Many combatants at Valor's Reach wield glowing weapons to distract their enemies and delight the crowd. The homunculi wardens watch for illegal tactics and protect spectators from the occasional rogue fireball.

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