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BLB Value Booster

Within weeks after the introduction of the similar Beyond Boosters, seven-card Value Boosters were introduced for Bloomburrow. In contrast to the Beyond Boosters, they contain lower rarities and don't guarantee a rare. They are equally not suited to be drafted.[1]

Description[ | ]

Value Boosters are a smaller, lighter booster that contain a handful of new cards — a "budget-friendly" way to experience a new set. Each Value Booster contains 3 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 wildcard of any rarity, and 1 card that may be a land, a traditional foil, or a Special Guests card.[2] This has also similarities to the failed five-card Epilogue Boosters and the six-card boosters that had been produced for Conflux through Magic 2014 gravity feeds.

Value Boosters will be available only at certain mass market stores.[3] A pricepoint for Value Boosters has not been revealed at this time, but are referred to as a “…budget-friendly way to experience Bloomburrow“, compared to Collector and Play Boosters. The point of the booster pack is to be a low cost alternative.[4] According to Mark Rosewater, there are a lot of stores that want a lower priced Magic booster option, and this is Wizards of the Coast with something for them.[5] It is for a very narrow type of store. Most players will never see it.[6]

Note that the meaning of value in the name of the booster differs from its usual meaning Magic, and that the value in regular sense is debatable.[7][8]

Structure[ | ]

Slot Quantity Type Chance of surprise
#1-3 3 Common
#4-5 2 Uncommon
#6 1 Wildcard (a card of any rarity from the set) Percentages unknown.
#7 1 A land, a traditional foil, or a Special Guest Percentages unknown.

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