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Race Human
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Born unknown, died ~ 170 AR
Fallen Empires Comic

Vaylesh, known as the Ebon Hand Priestess, was a high priestess in the Order of the Ebon Hand on Sarpadia (Dominaria).

Travelling with a small brigade of Order of the Ebon Hand she captures Tymolin Loneglade in Havenwood.[1] She then sends a challenge to Oliver Farrel in an attempt to get the Farrelites to engage in open combat. Vaylesh is shown to be a cruel person threatening her subordinates with the loss of their second hand and only keeps Tymolin alive in order to ensure Farrel's arrival. It is unknown how, but Vaylesh possesses knowledge of Tymolin and Farrel's affair.

While awaiting for Farrel, Tymolin begs for Vaylesh to cooperate with Farrel in order to ally the Order of the Ebon Hand, Farrelites and Elves against an orc-goblin army. Vaylesh pays her words no heeds, confirming her only goal is to see Oliver Farrel dead. When the zealot finally does arrive at the Ebon Hand encampment with his Farrelites, she allows Farrel to speak with Tymolin. Surprising even Vaylesh herself Farrel then stabs Tymolin to death. Vaylesh in turn orders her troops to attack and summons a Derelor. Before the battle can even really begin an enraged Tev Loneglade arrives incinerating the Derelor and then everyone present with a Fireball.[2]

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