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Race Human
Birthplace Dark Barony, Ulgrotha
Lifetime ~3800 AR

Veldrane of Sengir is one of the Baron Sengir's minions on Ulgrotha and his most loyal servant. He is a poacher, scout, and messenger.


He walks the roads and paths from Onella to Castle Sengir, to bring victims back for his master, or to deliver information to the Baron's numerous allies and agents. He is usually disguised as a common traveler or trader, and is not easily recognized as a foreigner to the sunlit lands outside the Dark Barony. The only means of constantly identifying him is a dwarven-made, emerald studded scabbard (with sword) he carries on his person at all times. Some are convinced that Veldrane is only a puppet of the Baron, and that he is nothing more than an undead of some sort.[1]

As the best hunter of the Baron, he led many successful missions into the Great Wood, but neither Veldrane nor any other hunters were able to discover the Autumn Willow - the secret power of the wood. Autumn Willow has thus created a Faerie Noble who is a miniature replica of Veldrane, as a joke against the Baron's servant.[2]

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