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Vendilion Clique
Founded on Lorwyn–Shadowmoor
Active d. latest Great Aurora
Status Deceased
Notable members Veesa, Endry, and Iliona
Lorwyn, Morningtide, Shadowmoor, Eventide

The Vendilion Clique consisted of the fae triplets Veesa, Endry and Iliona. Iliona was slightly older than her siblings, and as such their leader. She often had to calm down her brother Endry and sister Veesa, who were very light-hearted even for fae.



The Vendilion met the flamekin Ashling during a ferry ride through the Merrow Lanes, and saved her and kithkin passengers when the ferry was attacked by an arbomander. Their way led them to a meeting with the Gilt Leaf exile Rhys and a strange elf woman called Maralen. The Vendilion followed the party through their journey, eventually kidnapping Maralen as a gift to their queen, Oona.

The details of their meeting with Oona are not known, but the clique calmed down considerably, and even obeyed Maralen's orders and suggestions. They helped Rhys and his party to return swiftly to Kinsbaile when Ashling was abducted by Brigid Baeli, and later they helped Maralen to defeat Gilt Leaf hunters sent to eliminate her.

During the time between the birth of Colfenor's sapling and the Great Aurora, Veesa and Iliona remained mostly with Maralen and fulfilled her direct orders. Endry was dispatched to save Brigid Baeli from Gilt Leaf hunters and later to guide and accompany the sapling to Mount Tanufel. The separation from his sisters helped Endry to partially develop a sense of his own uniqueness, independence and individuality. The Vendilion played a crucial role in allowing Rhys and Maralen to contact with the great giant sage Rosheen Meanderer via their dream magic, and Endry's mushroom faerie ring planted at the sapling's body allowed Maralen to divert a part of the energy from Ashling's ritual for herself.


Veesa and Iliona remained in Maralen's service after the Great Aurora, as did Endry, but the Vendilion brother had developed a strong loyalty to the sapling. As a result, he weighed Maralen's commands against the sapling's wishes and intents and sometimes seemed even rebellious to Maralen.

Veesa and Iliona helped Jack Chierdagh of Mistmeadow to lure Rosheen Meanderer away from Mistmeadow, at the same time pursuing the goal of gaining Rosheen's scroll for Maralen. Endry remained with the sapling and his groundling army. When the full-scale war between Maralen and Oona erupted, the Vendilion sisters fought at Maralen's side. Later, Oona managed to lure Veesa back into her service, shattering the clique completely. The final battle of the fae above Cayr Ulios posed Iliona and Veesa against each other, the former as a general of Free Air Army, the latter as a general of Oona's loyalists. After Veesa's last attempt to make Iliona repent and return to Oona's service, Iliona replied by impaling Veesa with her crystal sword, effectively starting the Battle of Cayr Ulios.

Endry, in the meantime, accompanied Rhys of the Wilt-Leaf, the sapling, Kiel and Ashling to the heart of Glen Elendra, where they intended to uproot and annihilate Oona. Oona unleashed a counterattack, killing the sapling by cutting her in two with a thornvine, as well as all the groundlings except Endry. He survived, but lost one of his wings in the process. When Maralen returned from the fight with Oona's doppelganger above Cayr Ulios, she, Rhys (imbued with the last fresh yew sap from the dead Sapling) and Ashling destroyed Oona by combination of poison, fire and water magic. Endry coldly watched his "Mother" die without blinking an eye, refusing her last attempts to force him to help her.

After Oona's destruction, Endry, unable to fly any more, lured a magpie to bring him to Cayr Ulios, just to find out his sisters' fate. He found them dead, killed by each other. Carefully taking their bodies away from the carnage of the aftermath, and taking them to the woods, he laid himself beside them and, dreaming about his sisters and his groundling friend Nora, he decided not to wake up, ever.

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