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Race Serpent
Birthplace Magosi Waterfall in Tazeem, Zendikar
Lifetime Mending Era

Verazol is a massive, twin-mouthed, serpent that lives around the Magosi waterfall on Tazeem, Zendikar.


Magosi is the tallest waterfall along the Umara River, plunging almost 300 feet over a sheer cliff. The portage near the top of the waterfall is a popular resting point for travelers, but it is hardly a safe refuge because Verazol dwells in a deep, aquatic cave behind the cascade.

Verazol effortlessly swims up and down the waterfall, hunting at both elevations. While the top mouth will happily gorge itself on hapless travelers, the bottom mouth prefers to feed on the fish that spawn at the waterfall's base.[1]

When Verazol attacked a merfolk commercial caravan at the Waterfalls, Akiri and Zareth San tried to protect the caravan but failed. They were the only two to survive the serpent's attack.[2]

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