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The Isle of Vesuva in its pristine state. Art by Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai.

Vesuva is an island on Dominaria. It is located to the direct west of Walassa in the Orvada Empire, and east of Shanodin.[1]

Vesuva is the home of shapeshifters. It is also a region full of magical illusions, some of them capable of producing murderous doppelgangers of anyone visiting.[2] The former glory of Vesuva is now lost, after the temporal catastrophe which wrecked much of Dominaria: however, the reflection in the water stills shows an undamaged Vesuva.[3]

Vesuva, probably rebuilt after the Rift Era, is now ruled by a queen:[4] the legendary Helm of the Host was made out of Rathi flowstones specially for her.

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