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Vhati il-Dal
Race Human
Birthplace Rath
Lifetime ~4185-4205 AR
Rath and Storm

Vhati il-Dal was Greven il-Vec's ambitious second-in-command on Rath.

He was placed in charge of Predator while Greven personally oversaw the boarding of Weatherlight following its planeshift to Rath. While his commander was busy fighting Gerrard Capashen, Vhati, sick of Greven's brutal leadership and hoping to take over his rank, decided to fire one of Predator’s cannons at his commander. His shot missed Greven but struck Weatherlight’s deck, throwing Gerrard overboard. Furious, Greven immediately stalked back to Predator and retaliated by throwing the grovelling Vhati overboard as well. Unlike Gerrard, Vhati did not survive the fall.


  • Vhati's card is perhaps most well known because of the anecdote that came when Commander Greven il-Vec was being designed.[1][2] Because of Vhati's abilities and role in the story, Greven's card had to be modified, directly impacting how it was played.
  • Vhati is named after "Bogavhati", the codename for the set Tempest (the set his card was released in).[3]

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