Vial Goblins

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Vial Goblins is one of the oldest and longest running archetypes in the Legacy format, being used ever since the Onslaught/Mirrodin Standard format. Goblins is an aggro/control deck that has access to many paths to victory. The deck can either play control with lands like Rishadan Port and Wasteland, keeping up the pressure with AEther Vial or all-out aggro route with cards like Goblin Piledriver and Goblin Warchief. Oftentimes the deck will use a combination of these methods. Food Chain Goblins even used a possible combo win as well.

Decks can splash any color, the most common being {B} for cards such as Warren Weirding, and {G} for cards like Krosan Grip. Some even run both.

Goblins - Grand Prix Providence 28/05/2011

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