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Vial Smasher
Race Goblin
Birthplace Tarkir
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2016

Vial Smasher the Fierce is a legendary goblin berserker from Tarkir.[1]

The denizens of Tarkir know well with the destructive power of dragonfire, and Vial Smasher, a goblin of the Kolaghan clan, is no exception. Brash and fearless, she has spent a lifetime handling — and obviously smashing — vials of this dangerous substance.

In the old timeline, with another name, the Planeswalker Sarkhan Vol had considered her a clan-mate in the Mardu Horde and a friend. In that timeline she had been known as Ankle Shanker.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
A Tarkir of Dragons Kimberly J. Kreines 2015-02-25 Dragons of Tarkir Tarkir Sarkhan Vol, Taigam, Zurgo, Vial Smasher, Kolaghan

In-game references[]

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