Viashino is a creature type.


They are a predominantly red creature type that are typically depicted as intelligent bipedal humanoid lizard-folk descended from dragons, over whom they exert some power. Viashino possess lean but muscular builds and can be agile, quick, and vicious when necessary.

Viashino were introduced in Mirage (Viashino Warrior and the legendary Hivis of the Scale and Zirilan of the Claw), and are found on Dominaria, Ravnica, and Alara.

The viashino were first mentioned in The Prodigal Sorcerer novel.


In Dominaria, viashino are the main civilization on the Shivan sands. In addition to Shiv, they may be found throughout the Burning Isles and as far west as Jamuraa. The viashino live in clan communities, each of which led by a Viashino Bey, and have a society of warriors. In spite of the emphasis on militarism and their warrior code, the viashino are also known for their metalsmithing and crafts.

Viashino are constantly skirmishing with the Goblins, which are also native to Shiv; the Ghitu tribe of humans; and even the Shivan dragons themselves. In the face of any outside adversity, the viashino often become staunch allies of the goblins and the Ghitu.


On the Alaran shard of Jund, the viashino possess a crocodilian form. They form self-organized groups referred to as thrashes; four thrashes have been featured in cards (Thorn-Thrash Viashino, Carrion Thrash, Thunder-Thrash Elder, and Skyclaw Thrash.