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Vict Gharti
Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Commander-General Vict Gharti, nicknamed "Iron Vict", was the leader of the Wojek League of Ravnica in 9999 ZC, prior to the Decamillennial.[1]

Iron Vict was one of the most famous wojek CGs, earning his title and honor during long years of service, including suppressing a Rakdos uprising. He planned to retire on the last day of the tenth millennium. He was present during Kos' promotion hearing. Sometimes before the Decamillennial, Gharti was killed and replaced by a lupul, a fact that was revealed during the Decamillennial.

After the Decamillenial, the post of Commander-General belonged shortly to Agrus Kos, then was passed to Lt. Migellic.