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Although the Selesnya Conclave of Ravnica believe that power is not centered in any one location, the massive world-tree Vitu-Ghazi still served for more than 10,000 years as the focus and guildhall of the guild.[1] [2]


Vitu-Ghazi was a mammoth tree nearly as tall as New Prahv. Buildings shaped from the living wood nestled in its huge, curving branches, connected by an intricate network of hanging bridges and ladders.[3] Inside the main trunk there was a cathedral to nature, where worshippers came from all around Ravnica, and which also served as home to the guildmaster Trostani and the Dryad Conclave.[4] At night, the branches of Vitu-Ghazi were lit aglow with firefly light.[5] The tree is re-enervated annually in an invite-only ceremony.[6]


Vitu-Ghazi was where Mat'Selesnya slept, and it was uprooted partially by Szadek so he could drink Mat'Selesnya. It was also severely damaged by the nephilim, and in the fight between Project Kraj and Rakdos. During an attempt to siphon its power, Sifa Grent sent Rakdos cultists to attack the tree, receiving a deep wound from an axe-wielding demon.[6] Nonetheless, it still seemed to stand proud.[5] Its mending were however superficial. Beneath the bark it was fragile, with stress fractures running through its branches, and hidden support struts barely able to take the weight.[7]

War of the Spark[]

During the War of the Spark, Vitu-Ghazi was animated by Nissa Revane into an enormous elemental that aided the troops fighting the Dreadhorde.[8] Vitu-Ghazi was defeated by the God-Eternals when they first entered Ravnica. Rhonas tore out one of its arms and Nissa had to relinquish her control and the elemental collapsed.[9] The fallen Vitu-Ghazi is now dormant.[10]

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