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Plane Innistrad
Timepoint Before and after the Mending
Notable Members
Florian Voldaren, Olivia Voldaren, Relio Voldaren

Voldaren is one of the main vampire bloodlines on Innistrad. Voldaren elders can more easily master magic that enables them to transform into animal forms, especially those of the bat, cat, and rat. Its progenitor is Olivia Voldaren.

The Voldaren Estate[]

A Voldaren castle

Four miles from the end of Ziel Pass, cloaked in mist and surrounded by jagged peaks of Stensia, lies the huge Estate of Voldaren. The homeland of the Voldaren bloodline is populated by various separated castles, mansions, and fortresses. The main fortress protecting the estate is the Lurenbraum Fortress.

Court of the Vampire King/Queen[]

Voldaren female

The Court of the Vampire King (or Queen) is a disturbing three-day holiday invented by Olivia herself. A human is identified, kidnapped, and brought to a large vampire estate or castle, where they serve as "King or Queen of the Vampires" for the duration of the event. The mock king/queen, always utterly terrified, of course, is served the best food and drink and is theatrically supplicated. The vampires will follow any order the king or queen issues, except any attempts to abdicate the "throne." At the end of the three days, the king or queen is killed and all present share the blood.

Eldritch Moon[]

After being summoned by Olivia Voldaren, the Voldaren vampires marched alongside the Markov remnant into battle against Nahiri, the cultists and Eldrazi she had gathered. Many wielded blood-blessed weapons, sapping the strength of their enemies, radiating darkness and empowering the magic of their wielders.[1]

Midnight Hunt[]

After the Travails, the Voldaren have begun demanding blood offerings, the "Blood Tithe", from the villagers in their territory. Their agents arrive from the sky to collect the ceremonial bowls in eerie silence.[2]

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