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Race Phyrexian Shapeshifter, formerly Human
Birthplace Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime 4174[1] or 4178[2]-4205 AR
Rath and Storm, Mercadian Masques, Nemesis

Volrath, born as Vuel[3], was a human from Dominaria, who later became the shapeshifting and phyrexianized leader of Rath. He was one of the main antagonists in the Weatherlight Saga.[4]


Vuel was born as the son of Sidar Kondo, within a north Jamuraan war-clan. When the young Gerrard Capashen was accepted into his family, Vuel initially expressed contempt, but they later became good friends.

One of the rites of passage for Vuel was to face the challenge of climbing a harsh, sizable plateau. His trial was doomed to fail, as Starke il-Vec added poison to the ritual paintings applied to his body. Gerrard chose to save his life, but Vuel was cast out of his clan as a failure, with even his father rejecting him. Volrath, therefore, resented Gerrard for not simply letting him die.

As he wandered out alone in despair, Starke comforted him and whetted his ego and need for revenge. Vuel rallied other barbarians from surrounding tribes to attack his former clan. This led to the deaths of many of Vuel's people, including his father. During this time, Vuel managed to deactivate Karn and steal the Legacy artifacts.


As his lust for power became unbound, he was transported to the strange world of Rath through Starke's portal. Hearing Yawgmoth's words of power, he gave himself to Phyrexia, becoming Volrath, the new evincar of Rath, a shapeshifter and master of flowstone manipulation.

Years later, Volrath hatched a plan to get revenge upon Gerrard and to destroy the Legacy. He organized the kidnapping of Captain Sisay in order to lure Weatherlight to Rath, where his own skyship, Predator, ambushed them. In the chaos of battle Tahngarth, Karn, and the Legacy artifacts were taken captive and Gerrard fell to his apparent demise over the Skyshroud Forest. However, Volrath knew that Gerrard would survive and launch a rescue attempt.

Volrath watched over Gerrard as he tried to infiltrate the Stronghold. He gradually had his minions wound the other crew members until only Starke and Gerrard were left. Volrath then appeared to confront them along with Sisay and Takara, who were under his mental control. However, after releasing Sisay and Takara, Gerrard killed "Volrath," who was in fact just a shapeshifter. In reality, Volrath had shapeshifted into the form of Takara, which enabled him to stow away aboard Weatherlight as it fled the Stronghold.


Arriving in Mercadia, Volrath used his disguised form to influence the crewmen so they turned against each other. He then took his revenge by murdering Starke and attempted to steal Weatherlight. Gerrard eventually confronted Volrath and was able to beat him in combat, leaving the evincar seemingly dead. However, Volrath survived and pursued Weatherlight aboard Recreant, but once again he was defeated and was forced to retreat back to Rath.


Upon his return, Volrath found that his throne had been deemed abdicated by the Phyrexians and was being contested over by Greven, Ertai and Crovax. Volrath entered the contest himself and challenged Crovax's accession in a duel to the death. Volrath's experience was apparent, but Crovax drew extra strength by killing the spectators. Volrath gained the upper hand, but his near-victory was mysteriously cut short as he collapsed in his moment of triumph. Ertai had intervened on Crovax's behalf, off-balancing Volrath, and giving his opponent the opportunity to secure his victory.

At the center of Evincar Crovax's coronation was the execution of Vuel, which Volrath had been reduced to following the removal of his Phyrexian implants. Vuel was injected with a vial of liquid flowstone, which Ertai then manipulated within his bloodstream to disassemble Vuel from the inside out. As he died, Vuel's last sight was the sky of his homeland of Dominaria as the Rathi Overlay began.


Centuries later, the Demonlord Belzenlok would take control of The Cabal and made his home in the ruins of Volrath's stronghold. Belzenlok rewrote Dominaria's history, claiming that he had been Evincar instead of Volrath.

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