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Vor Golozar
Race Human
Birthplace Ravnica City, Ravnica

Vor Golozar was a Gruul raid captain from the Utvara reclamation zone on Ravnica.[1]

When the lokopede vehicle of Teysa Karlov was attacked by possessed Gruul, Golozar rescued/captured Crix. Later, he was ordered to accompany her to the Cauldron. Pursued by the same possessed Gruul who attacked the lokopede, Golozar and Crix met Agrus Kos and Pivlic. The four were captured and imprisoned almost instantly after Crix delivered her message. After he was freed from his tethers, Golozar attacked Hauc and almost killed him. When the magelord managed to control one of the newborn dragons, Golozar helped Teysa by riding the other. In the end, the pair was able to defeat Hauc and his dragon. Golozar then steered their dragon to a sharp outcrop, preventing the beast from ever getting out of control by killing her.

After the dragon danger was neutralized, Golozar was appointed to be the new Minister of Security in Teysa's service. It is unknown whether Golozar survived the rampage of the nephilim during the events of Dissension.

Kos's memories hint that Golozar used to live in the city itself and was even trained for wojek service. However, he left both the academy and the city for living as a wild Gruul, for unknown reasons.