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Vorik was a human captain of the Sea Gate militia on Zendikar [1] who became the commander-general of the Zendikari troops after the Rise of the Eldrazi.[2] He was a strongly built man with deep brown skin and curly gray hair cropped short. His banner was purple.[3]

During the final assault on Sea Gate, Commander Vorik had established a camp there. It was sheltered in a narrow ravine that's mouth was almost blocked by a huge fallen hedron but was overwhelmed by Eldrazi nonetheless. Vorik led the survivors out of the ravine and Gideon Jura helped the injured commander to bring the survivors to Sky Rock, a floating hedron.[3] Finally established, it turned out that Vorik had been wounded by spawn of Ulamog and the corruption spread through his body. Before dying, he named Gideon his successor, instead of general Tazri, his most trusted advisor.[4][5]


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