Vote is a keyword action.


Comprehensive Rules

701.29. Vote

  • 701.29a Some spells and abilities instruct players to vote for one choice from a list of options to determine some aspect of the effect of that spell or ability. To vote, each player, starting with a specified player and proceeding in turn order, chooses one of those choices.
  • 701.29b The listed choices may be objects, words with no rules meaning that are each connected to a different effect, or other variables relevant to the resolution of the spell or ability.
  • 701.29c If the text of a spell or ability refers to “voting,” it refers only to an actual vote, not to any spell or ability that involves the players making choices or decisions without using the word “vote.”
  • 701.29d If an effect gives a player multiple votes, those votes all happen at the same time the player would otherwise have voted.
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