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Race Dobéhma Planeswalker
Birthplace Sarpadia, Dominaria
Lifetime Modern Times
Distant Planes

Vram was a planeswalker who put her daughter Mao under the wing of the naturalist Peter Langwynd.[1]

Initially, Vram appeared in a male form, but she was later revealed to be one of the Dobéhma, a women-only race with lilac-colored hair. She possessed the ability to alter the seasons. While visiting Langwynd to procure a big swamp frog for her battles, she was attacked by another planeswalker, and accidently blew up the Foulmere Swamp. This act flung her away through the multiverse, abandoning her cat, Mao, who turned out to be her daughter under a shapeshifting spell.

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References[ | ]

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