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First seen Planechase 2012
Last seen Planechase Anthology
Planeswalkers Jace Beleren
Rabiah Scale 4[1]
Status Unknown

Vryn is the homeplane of the blue-aligned planeswalker Jace Beleren.[2]


The landscape of Vryn is littered with lines of gigantic inhabited mage-rings. These rings are controlled by ring mages and are conduits of mana. Enormous mana collection stations channel the energy of the leylines into the ring network. The Core States, sitting in the middle of the ring network, gather all the energy of an entire continent for use by the mage elite from the Ampryn League. Power over the Core States and the mana stream is contested by the Trovian Separatists.[3] Arbiters work to keep the conflict from escalating into causing destruction for Vryn's infrastructure.[2]

The age and origin of the plane's mage-rings are unknown, and many are in disrepair.

Known locations[]

  • Trail of the Mage-Rings, a mountainous region.
  • The Core States of the Ampryn League.
  • The Rime Marshes
  • Silmot's Crossing, the birthplace of Jace.
  • The Sparrow River


  • Vryn was first shown on Trail of the Mage-Rings.
  • The inhabitants of the mage-rings are known as "ringers".[3]
  • Large numbers of ring-mages are required to manage incoming mana pulses, which can arrive at any hour of the day or night.[3]



In-game references[]

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