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Wallis Parrish
Race Unknown
Birthplace Ixalan
Lifetime Mending Era

Captain Wallis Parrish is a pirate commander of the Deadeye Fleet of the Brazen Coalition on Ixalan.


Captain Wallis Parrish commands the Tide Turner, and she has also secured the (conditional) loyalty of a handful of other captains who sail under Parrish's flag as part of a fleet called the Deadeyes. The Deadeye captains share a common history as part of the naval forces of the Free Cities, and they still wear an approximation of their old uniforms. Unlike the Dire Fleet, which sails together as a formidable force, it is rare to find two Deadeye vessels sailing together. Despite its noble heritage, the fleet is known for underhanded trickery, and its captains prefer infiltration, assassination, and thievery over frontal assault and plunder. Captain Parrish keeps the other captains loyal to her by controlling the flow of information, doling out tips that will set them up for success. In exchange, they give her a percentage of the spoils. Captain Parrish is a mind-mage, leading the crew of the Tide Turner on missions that are more about plundering minds than looting treasures. She collects secrets like other captains hoard jewels, keeping them securely locked away in her own mind to ensure that she is far more valuable alive than dead. She never records what she has learned on a map or journal, and in fact, destroys such records once she has absorbed their contents.[1]

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