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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
83 cards
{W} 4.8% {U} 1.2% {B} 56.6% {R} 3.6% {G} 4.8% {B/R} 2.4% {R/G} 1.2% {G/W} 2.4% {W/B} 9.6% {U/R} 2.4% {B/G} 7.2% {R/W} 1.2% {M} 2.4%
as of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate
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Warlock is a creature class introduced in Throne of Eldraine.[1] At the same time, Dread Warlock of Magic 2010 received the type retroactively.[2]


With the introduction of Warlock, all colors have a primary spellcaster, with Warlock being primary Black.[3][4] Warlocks could be secondary be Blue or Red,[5] but Arcavios had many part-white warlocks and Innistrad had mono-green and even mono-white ones.

A Warlock gains their spellcasting power by making a deal with a demon or another dark being.[6]

The term Warlock is gender neutral.[7] It is therefore now the preferred creature class for witches and hags.[1][8][9]



Eldraine witches are humans who chose to live in the wilds, so far removed from humanity that they might as well be fair folk. They are usually cruel but can sometimes be seen as a ruthless force for justice.[10]


Normal Witches[]

A number of black-aligned spellcrafters are called witches (though some are shamans instead of warlocks). Some are necromancers, others make demonic pacts.


Dawnhart witches are mostly green and white-aligned warlocks that follow primordial, pagan traditions. After Avacyn's death they have taken to organising large festivities, hoping to beat back the darkness and lengthen the days. Members of the coven seem to have made a pact with a god called Ghrin-Danu.[11]

Some took to worship the Coiled One, being a threat to even other members of the coven.[12]

Notable Warlocks[]