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Race Dragon
Birthplace Jamuraa, Dominaria
Lifetime ~4100 AR
Assassin's Blade, Emperor's Fist, Champion's Trial, Time Spiral, The Monsters of Magic

Wasitora was the queen of the nekoru cat-dragons on Dominaria.[1] She was one of only three nekoru who had natural green-mana healing abilities. Her name means "Eagle Tiger."


Wasitora was one of the wild nekoru, sent into the jungles of northwestern Jamuraa by her mother at an early age, thus quickly learning to use her skills. She was never introduced to the nekoru culture however, and didn't even know if others like her existed. When one day a whole group of cat-dragons gathered in her domain for the annual mating ritual, Wasitora defeated all females of the group, claiming the title of queen for herself.

After mating with Mayonako, the alpha male of the group, Wasitora decided to travel to Madara—chosen because she liked the fish that came from that nation—to start a new lineage of nekoru: wild, ferocious, and not as obsessed with ritual and civilization as the others she had met at the gathering.

Wasitora settled down near the village of Sekana. The villagers didn't like having to pay tributes of fish constantly, so they called in Tetsuo Umezawa, the imperial champion. The cat-dragon and the champion fought, but their duel was interrupted by an Elder Land Wurm. Wasitora helped to defeat the monster and Tetsuo decided that she didn't have to be killed to free Sekana; he appointed her deputy of the imperial champion office and defender of the port city (paid in fish).

After giving birth to six kittens—of which only five survived—she decided to help Tetsuo once more. The champion later renounced his ties to the empire and sworn an oath of vengeance against the Emperor and his regent. Wasitora took her kittens to Umezawa Manor and defended it against the kentsu, teaching her young how to hunt at the same time.

Her kittens were Peribet, Sindoya, Hayokai, Kubiho, Tsukikage and Maigoyume.

Wasitora's memory remained at the time of the Mending on Dominaria, as her descendants came to control the entirety of the former Madaran Empire.

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