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Storyline in cards

The Weatherlight Saga is the most epic of Magic Storylines. It has also been recorded into Magic cards themselves, nearly scene by scene. The following is a list of cards that in chronological order describe the events of the Weatherlight Saga. The tag ft will be added to cards in which only the Flavor text is relevant.


Cards Scene
Ancestral Knowledge Sisay, Captain of the Weatherlight studies the Thran Tome.
Abduction Sisay is abducted by Volrath's minions through a portal to Rath.
Benalish Missionary The Weatherlight Crew goes to Benalia to find their former crew mate and Master of Arms Gerrard Capashen to lead an expedition to Rath to free Sisay, a childhood friend of Gerrard.
Gerrard's Wisdom Gerrard accepts and joins the crew, and the Weatherlight sets out to recruit more crew members.
Redwood Treefolk Their first stop is Llanowar where Gerrard hopes to recruit the cat warrior Mirri, who is an old friend. Mirri had returned to Llanowar to be closer to the grave of her dead kin, as seen in Nature's Kissft.
Llanowar Druid The Weatherlight crew is searching Llanowar Forest for Mirri when they are spotted by Llanowar Elves.
Vitalize The crew finds Mirri among the elves of Llanowar.
Call of the Wild,
Cinder Wall
In the meantime, Cabin boy Squee made his own expedition through Llanowar.
Null Rod Back at the Weatherlight, Gerrard discovers Sisay's collection of Legacy artifacts.
Thran Forge
The elves are in panic as an Aberoth is about to rise and wreak havoc until it dies on its own. Gerrard uses the Thran Forge to turn it into an artifact, and the Touchstone to shut it down.
Not depicted in cards The Weatherlight goes to Tolaria on Hanna's request. As the ordeal with the Aberoth taught them, they are in need of a wizard. Hanna wants to ask her father Barrin to join the crew. Barrin refuses, offering his student Ertai in his place.
Avizoa The Weatherlight is attacked by Avizoa as they leave Tolaria
Abyssal Gatekeeper The Weatherlight then goes to Urborg. They have to cross the Abyss which is protected by the Gatekeeper.
Haunting Misery In Urborg, the crew meets Crovax, who is being tortured by the ghosts of his ancestors after his estate was destroyed by Gallowbraid and Morinfen, two agents of Rath.
Shattered Crypt Crovax is asked to join the crew and accepts.
Desperate Gambit In the search of a Rathi native as a guide, crew sails to Keld. There they are attacked by Maraxus of Keld.
Debt of Loyalty Maraxus is stabbed in the back and killed by his minion, Starke, a native of Rath. Starke swears his loyalty to Gerrard and is reluctantly accepted into the crew.


Cards Scene
Ancient Runes,
Soltari Priest
After the Weatherlight crosses over to Rath, they leave Ertai at the portal in order to have him open it again when they have to flee the plane. Unbeknownst to him, he is already under the surveillance of the Soltari.
Gerrard's Battle Cry The Weatherlight is attacked by the Predator almost immediately after leaving the airspace near the portal.
Enfeeblement The Predator is led by Selenia, Dark Angel who used to protect Crovax's estate before abandoning her post. Crovax hides under deck during the attack, agonizing over the betrayal.
Legacy's Allure
The Weatherlight is boarded by Moggs who are immediately attracted to the Legacy artifacts.
Pacifism Karn refuses to fight and is captured by the Moggs.
Legerdemain Before the Moggs can grab hold of it, Squee hides his favorite toy.
No Quarter,
Sadistic Glee
Commander Greven il-Vec appears on the Weatherlight and challenges Gerrard, whom he overpowers.
Sudden Impact In the meantime, Greven's first mate Vhati il-Dal takes the opportunity to fire at the Weatherlight, hoping to kill both Greven and Gerrard.
Abandon Hope
The Weatherlight capsizes from the blast and Gerrard is thrown overboard.
Tahngarth's Rage Greven and the Moggs retreat to the Predator. As the Predator leaves, Tahngarth grabs a boarding cable hanging between the ships and infiltrates it.
Diabolic Edict
Greven confronts Vhati over his betrayal and throws him overboard.
Broken Fall Gerrard's fall is broken by the Skyshroud Forest trees.
Stun He is immediately attacked by the Rootwater Merfolk but fends them off.
Rootwater Shaman,
Rootbreaker Wurm
Gerrard flees the scene, and his escape is covered by the attack of a Wurm.
Anoint Gerrard meets the Vec, a tribe of humans, who nurse his wounds. The Oracle en-Vec sees in him the Korvecdal, a man to lead them in their fight against Volrath.
Mogg Conscripts Meanwhile, aboard the Predator, Tahngarth frees Karn and they attempt to escape the ship.
Hand to Hand Tahngarth is found by Greven and they begin to fight. Tahngarth is subdued.
Root Maze,
Giant Strength
The Weatherlight crashes on the outskirts of the Skyshroud forest. Crovax believes they should leave as soon as possible and tries to bring the ship back into shape.
Mirri's Guile Mirri and Hanna, on the other hand, venture into the forest.
Unstable Shapeshifter,
In the forest they are attacked by one of Volrath's shapeshifters. Though Mirri is bested, Hanna slays the assailant and earns Mirri's trust.
Natural Spring Mirri and Hanna try to find respite at a spring, but are attacked by Elves.
Elvish Fury Mirri and Hanna fight the Skyshroud Elves until they are stopped by Gerrard and the Oracle.
Insight The captured Mirri and Hanna are brought before Eladamri, Lord of Leaves. Gerrard explains to Eladamri that Mirri and Hanna are part of his crew, and that they are no threat to the Skyshroud Elves.
Respite Eladamri sends word that the Weatherlight is not be attacked.
Eladamri's Vineyard Eladamri talks with Gerrard in his Vineyard.
Reap Eladamri, Gerrard, and Starkemake plans to attack the Stronghold.
Starke grows suspicious of the Oracle and attempts to kill her, out of fear of being discovered, but fails.
Fevered Convulsions In the Stronghold, Volrath punishes Greven for failing to capture Gerrard by warping his Spinal Graft.
Puppet Strings
Volrath threatens Greven to not let such a mistake happen again.
Volrath's Curse Volrath inspects the prisoners and Tahngarth attacks him, but the Minotaur is easily overcome by the powerful Volrath.
Torture Chamber,
Dark Banishing,
Imps' Taunt
The two captives are brought into Volrath's torture chamber, where Tahngarth is disfigured while Karn is subjected to psychological torture.
Soltari Emissary,
Shadow Rift,
Reality Anchor
Meanwhile, at the portal, Ertai encounters Lyna, a Soltari trapped in the shadow. Lyna drags Ertai into the Shadow dimension, but the Wizard frees himself and throws Lyna into the real Rath. Lyna then explains the shadow dimension as well as the war between the Soltari and Dauthi, and how the Thalakos are trapped in between.
As the first part of the plan to overthrow Volrath, the crew has to enter the Stronghold and free Karn, Thangarth and Sisay. On their journey to the Stronghold, they have to cross the Sliver-infested Cinder Marsh. Though they are attacked by Slivers, Hanna drives the Slivers apart who are then easier to combat.
Furnace of Rath,
After the Cinder Marsh, the Weatherlight has to cross the Furnace, where they are attacked by Shockers.
Kindle Several crewmembers are immolated by the flames.
Havoc Orim attempts to put a lightning rod on the bow of the ship to prevent further damage and is nearly killed.
Death Pits of Rath After surviving the Furnace the Weatherlight now has to navigate the Death Pits of Rath.
Hero's Resolve In the Death Pits the Weatherlight is boarded by ghouls.
Gerrard fights a Carrionette, which is killed by Crovax.
Orim's Prayer,
Dregs of Sorrow
Orim and Gerrard defeat the rest of the undead invaders.
Whispers of the Muse As the Weatherlight sails on, Crovax contemplates Selenia's involvement.


Cards Scene
Leap The Weatherlight arrives at The Stronghold. Mirri jumps overboard and dispatches a Phyrexian guard.
Hidden Retreat Squee cowers in a cupboard, trying to hide from danger.
Starke, Mirri, Gerrard, and Crovax enter the Stronghold. Crovax spots Selenia and immediately jumps at her, tearing her to bits. Only after the deed is done, does he realizes that it was a shapeshifter. Crovax is mentally traumatized by the incident.
Invasion Plans In the Map Room they uncover the plans for an invasion of Dominaria by the Phyrexians.
Primal Rage
Outside the Stronghold Eladamri and the Oracle en-Vec lead the Skyshroud elves and the vec humans in the assault on the Stronghold. The battle with Mogg goblins begins.
Intruder Alarm,
Mirri triggers an alarm, but the group was already under Volrath's surveillance.
Ensnaring Bridge As they move, they have to cross the bridge over the Bottomless Pit. However, the bridge is Flowstone and attacks the crew. They manage to survive and cross the pit.
Seething Anger
At the torture chambers, they encounter a disfigured Tahngarth. They free him and Karn. Karn leaves the Stronghold for the Weatherlight, while Tahngarth separates, marauding through the Stronghold in search of Volrath.
Volrath's Shapeshifter
In the laboratory Gerrard and Mirri find Sisay in a tank and destroy it, only to discover that it was a shapeshifter.
Provoke The group split up. Mirri and Crovax go down a hall and encounter Selenia. Mirri covers Crovax and is injured by the Sword of the Chosen.
Death Stroke Crovax slays Selenia. The angel shatters and the shards embed themselves in Crovax's skin, instilling him with a curse.
Conviction Thangarth finds Mirri and Crovax, both unconscious, and carries them out of the Stronghold.
Change of Heart
Karn returns from the Weatherlight and searches the Stronghold for the Legacy artifacts. He finds them protected by the Sliver Queen, but Karn manages to reason her into giving him the Legacy.
Hesitation Gerrard and Starke, who split off earlier, enter Volrath's Gardens. They hesitate as the Predator passes overhead.
Brush with Death In the garden, the two are attacked by Spikes. They survive the encounter, but Starke is almost killed by his own knife, wielded by a thicket of brush.
Shifting Wall After crossing the garden, Gerrard and Starke climb the walls up to the Dream Halls.
Temper Arriving there, Gerrard confronts Volrath.
Reins of Power Using his Helm of Possession, Volrath forces Starke's daughter, Takara , and Sisay to fight Starke and Gerrard.
Contempt Starke manages to stab Volrath, but Volrath is unimpressed and tosses Starke aside.
Heat of Battle Under Volrath's control, Takara slashes Starke across the eyes, blinding him.
Bandage Gerrard manages to subdue Sisay and drives Volrath off. This frees Takara who bandages her father's eyes in repentance.
Gerrard manages to track down and kill Volrath, only to find that it was yet another shapeshifter. Gerrard is furious for being tricked again.


Cards Scene
Oath of Lieges Eladamri and the leaders of Kor, Vec, and Dal make battle plans.
Pandemonium They manage to invade the Stronghold but a bloodbath with the moggs ensues.
Treasure Trove
Aboard the Weatherlight, Orim tends to Mirri and Crovax, while Hanna and Karn inspect the recovered Legacy artifacts.
Cataclysm The Predator pursues the Weatherlight, harpooning it with boarding ropes. Hanna maneuvers the Weatherlight skillfully and brings the Predator to crash into the Stronghold.
Killer Whale Greven orders the ropes to be cut, but sends a Thopter Squadron after the Weatherlight. As the Weatherlight passes over water, a killer Whale jumps from it, swallowing one of the Thopters.
Fugue In the Dream Halls, Sisay regains consciousness and is helped by Gerrard.
Onslaught Over Volrath's garden, Tahngarth jumps from the Weatherlight, attempting to take out the last Thopter. They crash into the Weatherlight, damaging the ship.
Curiosity Crovax is ordered by the voices in his head to sabotage the Weatherlight, but Mirri follows him. The two wrestle and fall overboard into the gardens below.
Maniacal Rage
Gerrard and Sisay go to the Gardens to get picked up by the Weatherlight, but Greven appears and attempts to kill Gerrard. Meanwhile, Mirri attempts to fight off the insane Crovax. Gerrard dodges Greven's attack and chooses to abandon Mirri and Crovax and board the Weatherlight with Sisay.
Slaughter In their battle, Crovax kills Mirri.
Seismic Assault With Gerrard and Sisay aboard, the Weatherlight makes a run to the portal, pursued by the Predator and flowstone.
Erratic Portal Ertai and the Soltari manage to open the portal just in time. Lyna informs Hanna, who is startled by her ghostly appearance.
AEther Tide The Weatherlight flees the plane of Rath.
Mind over Matter Urza appears and shuts the portal before the Predator can follow. Ertai is left behind and captured by Greven il Vec.

Urza's Saga[]

Cards Scene
Prefix A long time ago, there were the Brothers Urza and Mishra, two great artificers who brought about a great war.
Fertile Ground
During one of his exploration runs for Urza, Harbin finds Argoth, and island he deems a great source of lumber for Urza's War machines. Soon, ships are deployed to harvest it.
Hidden Ancients,
Blanchwood Treefolk,
Mobile Fort,
Hidden Guerrillas,
Greater Good,
Gaea's Embrace,
Elvish Herder,
Titania's Boon,
Mishra's Helix,
Gaea's Bounty,
Treetop Rangers,
War breaks out between the inhabitants of the island and the lumberjacks of Urza and Mishra. Great machines were built for cutting trees and fending off the elves, centaurs, treefolk and other resistance. Even nature itself fought back. Mishra finds out about Urza's plans for the island, and participates in the destruction as well.
Tainted AEther,
The Phyrexian Praetor, Gix, enters the island through a portal. He quickly dispatches all who witness him.
Gix causes havoc in Mishra's camp, making all of his machines sentient and violent. Mishra confronts Urza whom he believes responsible. Mishra attacks Urza, but Urza retaliates with a fireball. Under Mishra's blasted skin is not flesh and bone, but cogs and gears. Urza realizes Mishra had been killed years ago and replaced by a Phyrexian Machine.
No Rest for the Wicked,
Claws of Gix,
Priest of Gix,
Sleeper Agent
The Phyrexians have learned from the Brotherhood of Gix, a group of humans who worshipped Gix and the hand he had lost in battle years ago. The Brotherhood is replacing its organs with machinery, and the Phyrexians learned to grow machines in the shape of humans, who believe themselves to be human; Sleeper Agents under Yawgmoth's control.
Blasted Landscape Enraged, Urza destroys all of his machines using a Golgothian Sylex. Nothing survives, except Urza whose dormant spark comes alive, transforming him into an immortal Planeswalker.
Not depicted When Urza comes to, he visits his student Tawnos, whom he instructs to tell his wife Kayla bin-Kroog he had died. Urza then departs and wanders the planes. Tawnos however refuses and tells Kayla the truth, who in turn writes the chronicles of the Antiquities War.
Victimize Years later, Urza finds and rescues Xantcha, a defector Phyrexian sleeper agent who would not yield to Yawgmoth's will.
Rain of Filth,
Urza's Armor
Urza finally has a way of finding Phyrexia, a plane so evil and disgusting that the Rain itself is oil. Urza puts on his specially made armor and transfers with Xantcha in tow.
Wall of Junk,
Ill-Gotten Gains,
While Urza lays waste to Phyrexia, Xantcha splits off in search of her "heart", which was taken from her when she was released from her birthing vat. She enters the Phyrexian Tower and manages to retrieve it, but as she returns she finds Urza all but subdued by the Phyrexians. Nothing but blackness follows.
Planar Birth,
Serra's Sanctum
Urza and Xantcha are saved by the Planeswalker Serra, and are brought to the artificial plane Serra herself had sculpted from White mana.
Healing Salve,
Sanctum Custodian
For five years, Urza and Xantcha stay in Serra's Sanctum, recovering from the wounds the Phyrexians had inflicted upon them.
Absolute Grace,
But then the Phyrexians attack, a great invasion into the realm of angels.
Hundreds lose their lives on either side. Urza, on the other hand, refuses to participate in the battle.
Path of Peace
Crystal Chimes
Serra sees her realm in ruins, and is confronted by the Archangel Radiant. Serra abandons her realm, and Urza and Xantcha are cast out.
Persecute Lost in the Battle was Selenia, an Angel of the Realm taken prisoner by the Phyrexians.
Darkest Hour Centuries pass, with Xantcha and Urza living in Dominaria, together with Ratepe, a slave that resembles Mishra and who Xantcha tasked with occupying Urza. They detect the presence of Phyrexian sleeper agents in a nearby clan war and make a plan to utilize the Null Moon to combat the Phyrexians.
While executing this plan, Xantcha is confronted by Gix. Urza also appears and Gix flees to Koilos.
Not Depicted Urza, Xantcha, and Ratepe pursue him. While Urza manages to slay Gix, it comes at the sacrifice of Xantcha and Rapete. Urza swears to travel back in time to prevent their deaths.
Stroke of Genius To fulfill this, Urza recruits Barrin, Master Wizard and together they build the Tolarian Academy. Years go into research.
Brand Through experimentation, Urza learns that only common silver passes through his time portal undamaged. He proceeds to construct a golem, Karn, out of pure silver.
Temporal Aperture,
Pendrell Flux,
Tolarian Winds
But then disaster strikes as Urza overcharges their contraption, obsessed with turning back time. The Aperture explodes, causing temporal fluxes all over the island. Pockets of space in which time speed up or slow down appear, and half the wizards in the academy die.
Acidic Soil,
Thran Quarry,
Thran Turbine,
Shower of Sparks
While Barrin reconstructs the academy, Urza travels to Shiv. There he discovers a great mana generator. Though he had to first demonstrate his power to the Viashino who called it their homeland, he found that the generator created more mana than in his wildest imaginations. His plan now was to create a collection of artifacts, his Legacy, which could be used to defeat Yawgmoth.

Urza's Legacy[]

Cards Scene
Slow Motion,
Phyrexian Broodlings
To set his plan in progress, Urza returns to the Tolarian Academy under the guise of overseeing the progress. There he learns that a Phyrexian sleeper agent named Kerrick had made it onto the island, but was trapped in a fast-moving time-bubble in a fissure, rapidly making machines to bring about an invasion. An attempt to destroy the Phyrexians fails and Urza only barely survives. The student Jhoira also escapes but learns how to free her fellow student Teferi who is also trapped in a time bubble.
Defense Grid,
Impending Disaster
Urza brings several students, Jhoira and Teferi among them, to the Thran mana rig in order to research and operate it. He also notices that the Shivan goblins are attracted to the machine, but the Viashino are trying to keep them out. However, the Goblins turn out to be naturals in operating the mana rig.
Defense of the Heart,
Treefolk Mystic,
Wing Snare
Urza plans to create a planeswalking ship in order to provide for mobility of his legacy. For this he needs wood. His research leads him to Yavimaya, but there he is rebuffed and imprisoned by Multani for his role in the destruction of Argoth.
No Mercy,
Brink of Madness
Meanwhile, the Phyrexian invasion of Tolaria begins. When Multani learns of this he realizes that Urza has a greater purpose in fighting the Phyrexians and frees him. With Multani's help, Urza manages to destroy Kerrick and his Phyrexian forces.
Cloud of Faeries Multani provides Urza with a Weatherseed, which is planted and quickly grows. It is the perfect material for the ship Urza plans.
Second Chance,
Urza's Blueprints,
For months Urza shuts himself in his workshop, crafting plans for every conceivable detail of his ship, the Weatherlight.
Peace and Quiet,Knighthood,
Angelic Curator,
Hope and Glory
A while later, Urza revisits Serra's Realm , which is now ruled by the archangel Radiant after Serra's departure. He is met with hostility and learns that Radiant is trying to purge all Phyrexian influence from the plane. However, many of her targets are not Phyrexians at all.
Blessed Reversal,
Planar Collapse
Urza attempts to save the refugees, but requires the assistance of the Weatherlight under the command of Jhoira in order to planeshift everyone out. While the rescue is successful, Urza is attacked by Radiant who takes the Thran stones from his eyes. When she puts the stones together, an explosion follows. Urza regenerates his physical form and drains the energy of the collapsing plane into a powerstone.

Urza's Destiny[]

Cards Scene
False Prophet,
Reliquary Monk,
Bubbling Beebles
While the Refugees of Serra's realm are acclimating to their lives on Dominaria, Barrin marries Rayne, Academy Chancellor and lives in a slow time bubble.
Urza's Incubator,
Thran Dynamo,
Blizzard Elemental,
Mental Discipline
Realizing he may not be able to help Dominaria in the event of a Phyrexian invasion, Urza begins his Bloodline Project in order to breed an heir, and increase the strength of Dominaria's defenders, creating the Metathran. The Project is, however, controversial, and many leave the Academy over it.
Private Research,
Twisted Experiment
Gatha, one of Urza's researchers, independently works on the Bloodline project in Keld, where he creates the powerful barbarian Kreig.
Rofellos's Gift,
Ancient Silverback
Meanwhile, the elf Rofellos has taken over Multani's position as the leader of the forest, while Multani is away helping in other parts of Dominaria. Rofellos also rebuffs an invasion of Negators.
Yawgmoth's Bargain,
Yawgmoth orders the death of Urza and tasks Croag, a member of his inner Circle, with it. To achieve this, Croag installs Davvol as evincar of Rath, a plane controlled by the Phyrexians. Under Davvol, Rath is supposed to produce Phyrexian forces and overthrow the resistance of the Skyshroud elves.
Keldon Champion When Croag invades Keld, he is met with the resistance of Kreig, who has become the strongest man in Dominaria. While Kreig dies in the duel, he severely wounds Croag who flees to Rath. Davvol sees this as his chance and attempts to murder Croag, but is killed when his betrayal is discovered.
AEther Sting When he sees that the Keldons were on the brink of defeat, Gatha destroys his research before finding his own end.

Mercadian Masques[]

Cards Scene
Crash After narrowly escaping Rath, the Weatherlight crashes on the unfamiliar plane of Mercadia.
Tidal Bore A sudden tidal wave washes over the crashed ship, carrying it into Rushwood with Orim still inside. Gerrard and the rest of the crew make to reclaim it, but are taken prisoner by a group of Mercadian soldiers that come to investigate the crash.
Orim's Cure,
Soothing Balm
The wave was conjured by the Cho-Arrim, a forest-dwelling group of rebels. They are mostly well-intentioned, but their primitive methods of healing force Orim to intervene on the crew's behalf.
Story Circle Orim learns that the Cho-Arrim believe the Weatherlight to be a sacred object foretelling the return of their god, Ramos, who also fell from the sky. Slowly, Orim befriends the Cho-Arrim, eventually becoming romantically involved with their leader Cho-Manno.
High Market The rest of the crew is taken to Mercadia City, a bustling marketplace city built atop an inverted mountain. As they are marched through the city's High Market, they manage to break free and escape.
Puppet's Verdict,
Magistrate's Veto
Gerrard and Takara later visit the Tower of the Magistrate to make a deal, only to discover that the magistrate is merely a figurehead controlled by Mercadia's true rulers, a race of intelligent goblins called the Kyren.
Charisma Gerrard agrees to train the Mercadian army in warfare in return for the safety of his crew and the army's assistance in reclaiming the Weatherlight from the Cho-Arrim.
Gerrard leads the soldiers into battle against the Cho-Arrim, who are no match for the newly-trained warriors. Orim finally manages to stop the fighting, but not before many Cho-Arrim are killed, including Cho-Manno. The army suddenly turns on Gerrard, keeping the Weatherlight for themselves, and the crew is again taken captive.
Honor the Fallen,
Orim grieves for the dead Cho-Arrim and condemns Gerrard for the attack.
Kyren Archive Hanna, Sisay, and Orim meet with the magistrate and the Kyren, putting forth an imposing presence. In exchange for the crew's freedom, they agree to fly the Weatherlight on a mission for Mercadia, but in order to repair it they must first travel to the island city of Saprazzo to find an artifact called the Power Matrix, which Hanna identifies as part of the Legacy.
Dehydration To reach Saprazzo, they must first travel through the desert to the port of Rishada.
Soothsaying Once they reach Saprazzo they meet with the Grand Vizier, who tells them of her people's own myth of Ramos, a great artificer that brought the Mercadians to this world long ago.
Arrest Before they are able to claim the artifact, Orim is framed by the Mercadians for stealing it and killing its guards. However, Cho-Manno arrives, having survived the attack in Rushwood after all, and helps her clear her name.
Blockade Runner The group returns to Mercadia City with the Matrix.
Meanwhile back in the city, Takara is slowly poisoning Gerrard's mind with hateful thoughts, leading to a fight between Gerrard and Tahngarth and the eventual suspicion that she is trying to turn the crew against each other.
Vendetta Takara reveals herself to Starke to be Volrath in disguise, berating him for his treachery and ultimately killing him.
Uphill Battle Orim and the others break the rest of the crew out of jail, and Gerrard apologizes to Cho-Manno for his role in the slaughter of his people. The group splits up to recover the Weatherlight and find the Bones of Ramos, five artifacts to be used in conjunction with the Matrix.
Haunted Crossroads,
Specter's Wail,
Gerrard, Tahngarth, Sisay, and the disguised Volrath travel through the ghoul-infested Deepwood in search of the Henge of Ramos.
Collective Unconscious,
Ley Line
Near the Henge, they come upon a group of dryads. Through the latent magic of Deepwood, they bestow upon Gerrard the knowledge that Ramos was a Dragon Engine programmed by Urza to protect a group of Dominarians from the Sylex Blast by planeshifting them to Mercadia, with their descendants becoming the modern Mercadians. They then meet Ramos himself who agrees to give them the artifacts, but Volrath steals them and vanishes.
Subterranean Hangar Back in the city, Squee makes his way through an underground passage and finds the Weatherlight in a massive hangar, and discovers that the Kyren and Mercadians are working with the Phyrexians to build a fleet of skyships.
Unmask Volrath captures Squee and reveals himself to Hanna and Karn, forcing them to repair the Weatherlight for him.
Crumbling Sanctuary
Gerrard and the others return to Mercadia City, infiltrating the hangar and detonating explosive charges to destroy much of the docked fleet, causing the cavern to collapse.
Energy Flux Gerrard defeats Volrath in combat and the crew retakes the Weatherlight, using the Bones and the Matrix to power the ship.
Mercadia's Downfall,
Snuff Out
They blast their way out of the hangar and shoot down the rest of the fleet. Volrath gives chase in the his ship the Recreant, but it too is destroyed, and Volrath escapes through a planar portal back to Rath.
Tranquility Ramos reappears to the people of Mercadia, and the Weatherlight and her crew return to Dominaria to prepare for the Phyrexian invasion.


Cards Scene
Murderous Betrayal Avila, princess of the Skyshroud elves and daughter of Eladamri, is fatally poisoned by her fiance, now a Phyrexian agent, and her body is taken to Phyrexia.
Eye of Yawgmoth Under the supervision of the Phyrexian overseer Abcal-dro, Avila is compleated with Phyrexian technology and resurrected as the cyborg Belbe. She retains no memories of her former life, and is given a new purpose- to determine the next Evincar of Rath in Volrath's absence. An artifact called the Eye of Yawgmoth is implanted into her body through which Yawgmoth himself can observe this process.
Mogg Toady Returning from his defeat at the hands of the Weatherlight, Greven discovers Ertai stowing away aboard the Predator, left behind on Rath after the events of Exodus. Greven orders his crew to kill the young mage, but after Ertai fends them off with magic, Greven decides instead to spare him and take him to the Stronghold for interrogation. He cautions Ertai to submit to the Evincar if he wants to keep his life.
Ascendant Evincar Crovax, now cursed as a vampire, awakens on Phyrexia and is tempted by the Phyrexians into submitting to Yawgmoth. He too is compleated, greatly increasing his strength and relieving him of his mortal conscience, turning him into a vicious killer. He sets his sights on the throne of the Evincar, prepared to fight any who would challenge his claim.
Flowstone Surge He also finds he has the ability to manipulate flowstone, the substance that comprises all of Rath, to his will.
Belbe's Armor The Predator returns to the Stronghold, and Greven is relieved to find that Volrath is gone, having been aboard the Weatherlight (in the guise of Takara) when it fled Rath. When Crovax appears claiming to be the new Evincar, Greven attacks him, but their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a figure in heavy armor. Removing the helmet, the figure shows herself to be Belbe, who reveals her position as emissary of Phyrexia and arbiter of who will become the next Evincar.
Greven tortures Ertai, attempting to extract information about the Weatherlight and its crew, but Ertai proves more resilient than anticipated.
Rejuvenation Chamber Belbe visits Ertai, beaten and maimed, in the dungeon, and reveals to him that he too is being considered for the Evincarship. She then takes him to Volrath's laboratory and uses a Phyrexian rejuvenation chamber to heal him. However, as time goes by he discovers that its effects are only temporary, and as he continues to use the device he finds that it is altering his body as well as his magic.
Stronghold Discipline In a bid to prove his worthiness as Evincar to Belbe, Crovax assumes control of the Stronghold's army and departs on a mission to the Skyshroud Forest crush Eladamri and his rebellion. His tyrannical command quickly makes him both hated and feared amongst his troops.
Reverent Silence Meanwhile, the rebellion has grown much stronger, bolstered by their successful raid on the Stronghold. Eladamri's Skyshroud elves have joined with the forces of the Kor, Vec, and Dal, and together they begin preparations to seize the Stronghold once and for all. Despite this, he mourns the loss of his daughter.
Skyshroud Claim While Crovax's army is on their way to Skyshroud, the rebel forces launch a surprise attack on their camp, killing over half the troops and routing the army.
Massacre Defeated, Crovax returns to the Stronghold to find that Greven, Ertai, and Belbe enacted a plan to capture thousands of hostages from the leading families of the Kor, Vec, and Dal as insurance against a potential revolt upon Crovax's defeat. Ostensibly as a display of power, Crovax kills all the hostages, impaling them on flowstone spikes. However, they soon discover an ulterior motive behind Crovax's slaughter- he draws power from death itself, feeding on the life force of those he kills.
Stronghold Biologist,
Stronghold Machinist
Ertai bides his time in the Stronghold, believing himself incapable of defeating Crovax for the title of Evincar and pessimistic about Dominaria's chances against the might of Phyrexia in the coming war. However, he finds himself growing close with Belbe, and begins trying to formulate a plan to escape with her.
Overlaid Terrain As the Rathi Overlay draws nearer, parts of Rath's terrain begin to manifest on Dominaria. In a crisis of conscience, Belbe tampers with the Stronghold's flowstone generator in an attempt to sabotage the coming overlay.
Oracle's Attendants Meanwhile, Eladamri meets with the Oracle en-Vec, who gives him two prophecies- first that his destiny lies in Stronghold, which he will enter in chains, and second that a door will be offered to him leading to "a land of light and color", which he must enter.
Sivvi's Ruse,
After his meeting with the oracle, Eladamri decides he must infiltrate the Stronghold, with the aim of destroying the Predator. He does this by disguising ten warriors, including the young Vec rebel Lin Sivvi, as Rathi soldiers, who successfully deceive the Stronghold guards and bring him before Belbe. He recognizes the being who was once his daughter and flies into a rage, attacking her and scorning her as an abomination, before being taken to the dungeon.
Accumulated Knowledge After enduring a harsh interrogation by Greven, Eladamri manages to escape and finds Takara (the real one) imprisoned nearby. Freeing her, they meet up with some of the rebel soldiers and retreat to the Evincar's map room, where Takara explains what she knows of the Phyrexians' plans.
Sivvi's Valor,
Off Balance,
Meanwhile, Lin Sivvi and the other rebels attempt to destroy the Predator, but are discovered and raise the Stronghold's alarms. They are forced to abandon their mission and fight their way through the Stronghold, eventually meeting up with Eladamri and Takara.
Dominate Unbeknownst to anyone, Volrath has secretly returned to the Stronghold under the guise of a Kor spy. Shortly before Crovax's coronation, which he has staged a coup and taken Ertai captive to ensure, Volrath reveals himself to Greven and drafts him into his plan to retake his throne as Evincar.
Vicious Hunger,
Dark Triumph
Volrath interrupts Crovax's coronation, and Belbe declares that the Evincar will be decided by combat. Though Volrath initially has the upper hand, Crovax is able to replenish his strength by killing the assembled courtiers. Seeing this, Ertai realizes that Crovax will inevitably win, so he uses magic to throw Volrath off-balance at a critical moment and allow Crovax to defeat him.
Belbe's Portal Belbe meets the rebels in the Dream Halls, revealing to them that she has hidden a planar portal there and wants to help them escape. As Crovax and his soldiers batter down the doors, Takara and Lin Sivvi escape through the portal to Dominaria. Before going through himself, Eladamri uses the remainder of the poison that killed Avila to kill Belbe, seeing it as a mercy.
Topple With Crovax now firmly installed as Evincar of Rath, he punishes Greven for his role in Volrath's return and spares Ertai's life for his role in his downfall. Devastated by Belbe's death, Ertai allows himself to be altered with Phyrexian technology and resigns himself to a life of servitude. Volrath is publicly executed- he is injected with flowstone, and at Ertai's command it disassembles, tearing his body apart. As he dies, he sees the blue skies of Dominaria begin to replace the gray skies of Rath.


Cards Scene
Latulla, Keldon Overseer In Jamuraa, Keldon raiding parties have started attacking and capturing settlements and military outposts. Haddad, a soldier of the Ki'pamu League stationed in northern Jamuraa, is captured by one such raiding party and brought before their leader, the warlord Latulla. Instead of killing him, she takes him as a slave, as he has valuable knowledge of the League's war machines.
Keldon Battlewagon,
Latulla's convoy of war barges travels across Jamuraa, stopping first at a bog to inspect a Keldon mining operation. They are extracting tufa, a substance the Keldons use to fuel their barges and which they believe to be the spilled blood of their ancestors, thus giving them claim to the land. The convoy moves on and eventually reaches a port where Keldon reinforcements are arriving, having been placed in a deathlike stasis for their long sea journey. Haddad and another slave plan an escape, but before they can put their plan into action, Latulla places Haddad himself into stasis on a ship bound for Keld.
Alexi, Zephyr Mage,
Meanwhile, Barrin is in Jamuraa to consult with Teferi, who has since become a planeswalker, about the Keldon raids. After their meeting aboard Teferi's airship the Hunter, Barrin surveys the construction of an airbase from which to patrol and launch counterattacks. After receiving a distress call, he joins forces with the League soldiers and the spellshaper Alexi to defend the port town of Kitani from the Keldons, and later they stop a Keldon naval ambush of a League supply convoy. Upon his return to the airbase, Barrin's wife Rayne arrives from Tolaria, reporting that Urza is able to spare only minimal resources to assist them in the fight against the Keldons.
Jolrael, Empress of Beasts,
Thresher Beast
Teferi introduces Rayne and her assistant Shalanda to the Zhalfirin mage Jolrael, and the three set out to gather intelligence on the Keldons' activities in the East. They follow a party of Keldons into a forest and witness them fall victim to a trap set by a Thresher Beast, finally managing to kill the beast and capture a single Keldon warrior. Jolrael mentions that she was unable to use her magic to control the beast or draw power from the forest, as though the land and its creatures are somehow tainted.
Inflame During interrogation, the prisoner asserts the belief that the prophesied Keldon Twilight, during which the ancient Keldon witch kings will return from the dead and lead the Keldons in a conquest of all of Dominaria, is at hand. He then breaks free of his captivity, killing many League guards and nearly Rayne herself before Barrin intervenes and saves her.
Mageta the Lion,
Chimeric Idol,
Hollow Warrior
On the eve of battle against the main Keldon force, Barrin surveys the League's war machines with the general Mageta at their army camp, discovering with some concern that the army relies almost exclusively on these machines instead of human troops. Once the battle begins, the machines perform well at first, but the Keldons are ultimately able to exploit their weaknesses and claim victory, with Barrin only able to buy the remaining League soldiers enough time to retreat.
Citadel of Pain,
Greel, Mind Raker,
Greel's Caress
Haddad awakens in one of Latulla's houses in Keld, finding that he has a metal bracelet bound to his arm that the Keldons can use to cause him pain and force him to do their bidding, and is ordered to build one of the League's war machines for the Keldon army. One night, he secretly observes a meeting between a Keldon woman named Erissa and an apparent child named Greel. However, upon Erissa producing an infant from her cloak, Greel seemingly consumes its life force, growing larger and more mature in appearance after doing so. Over the next days, Haddad witnesses Greel similarly suck the life out of other Keldon soldiers and grow into a monstrous creature.
Latulla's Orders Latulla returns from Jamuraa with the news that they will travel for the Keldon Necropolis the next day, with the intention of reviving the witch kings and fulfilling the prophecy herself. Upon their arrival, the necropolis' steward Gorsha rejects Latulla's claim, ultimately defeating her in combat and sentencing her to eternal exile from Keld.
Noxious Field,
After their defeat, the League army falls back to Arsenal City in the West to prepare defenses for the inevitable Keldon advance. Meanwhile, Rayne and Shalanda scout outside the city to try to discover the source of the strange blight that is now spreading across the land and starting to infect League soldiers. At first believing the contagion to be the work of the Keldons, they eventually discover that the spores it produces have a mechanical component, suggesting that it may not have originated on Dominaria at all.
Mageta's Boon,
Reveille Squad
The Keldons attack Arsenal City. Mageta fearlessly leads his soldiers against them, holding them off with the help of Barrin, Rayne, Alexi, and Teferi, and eventually forcing them to retreat. After the battle, Teferi musters his formidable power as a planeswalker and conjures a great storm, destroying the Keldon army's base of operations in Jamuraa.
Brutal Suppression,
Steal Strength
Angered by the events at the necropolis and the news of the defeat at Arsenal City, Latulla plans to take control of the remaining Keldon army in Jamuraa, still determined to bring about the Keldon Twilight. Her convoy moves to rendezvous with the defeated Keldons, using Greel's dark power to siphon the life from her slaves. As the League forces close in, Haddad attempts to escape once more, but he is crippled by the bracelet on his arm and taunted by Greel.
Latulla plays her final trump card, unleashing a devastating energy weapon from her barge that she had been holding in reserve. The weapon disables the League's machines and kills many of their soldiers, but Mageta rallies his remaining troops and pushes back against the Keldon assault. Meanwhile, as the battle rages around her, Rayne traces a concentration of the blight to Greel, who viciously attacks her. She endures the attack and fights back, but at that moment Barrin commands Alexi's airships to bomb the Keldon convoy, and one of the resulting explosions wounds Rayne and throws her to the ground, allowing Greel to kill her.
Heightened Awareness Surveying the battlefield, Barrin discovers Rayne's decapitated body and flies into a rage, killing Greel by using a spell to disassemble his body and unleashing a torrent of powerful magic to decimate the Keldon army. Latulla's barge is overturned and Barrin finds her trapped underneath, killing her without hesitation. The war won, Barrin coldly orders that no quarter be given to the remaining Keldons in Jamuraa. Meanwhile, Haddad lies paralyzed on the battlefield, his bracelet sending waves of agony through his body. Shalanda finds him and attempts to dismantle it, but when she does, the device violently expels a series of wires it had embedded into Haddad's body, killing him and putting Shalanda into a coma. Some time later, Teferi returns to his island, reflecting on the cost of the war and the coming Phyrexian invasion, and vowing to face it his own way rather than blindly following Urza.


Cards Scene
Planar Portal Phyrexian ships appear in the sky of Dominaria, and deploy into planar portals: The Phyrexian Invasion has begun.
Coalition Victory The Coalition celebrate the victory of the battle of Koilos. Lifting their heads, they see the skies of Rath looming over Dominaria.


Cards Scene
Planar Overlay The Rathi Overlay is complete, the second phase of the Phyrexian invasion begins with millions of troops materializing on the now fused plane.
Terminate When all seems lost, Karn brings Darigaaz back to reason. Horrified by what he did, he plunges into a volcano, ending his life; the power of the Primevals is instantly diminished. Freed from their mental control, the dragon nations turn against their former leaders and save Weatherlight and its crew.
Not depicted Damaged, the skyship lands not far from the Stronghold. As Sisay is ready to give up, Karn emerges from the wreckage with the Thran Tome: He knows how to save the world.


Cards Scene
Phyrexian Arena In the First Sphere of Phyrexia, Urza and Gerrard submit to Yawgmoth. Dominaria's greatest champions shall fight to the death for the favor of its greatest enemy. If Urza prevails, he will be granted knowledge of Phyrexia's artificial perfection. If Gerrard kills his creator, Yawgmoth promises to bring back his lost love, Hanna.
Martyrs' Tomb The war is won. Dominaria honors its dead, and the living start rebuilding.

The crew[]

Crewmember Set
Orim, Samite Healer Tempest [1]
Starke of Rath Tempest [1]
Crovax the Cursed
Ascendant Evincar
Stronghold [1]
Nemesis [2]
Mirri, Cat Warrior Exodus [1]
Ertai, Wizard Adept
Ertai the Corrupted
Exodus [1]
Planeshift [2]
Karn, Silver Golem Urza's Saga [1]
Multani, Maro-Sorcerer Urza's Legacy [1]
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Urza's Destiny [1]
Squee, Goblin Nabob Mercadian Masques [1]
Volrath the Fallen Nemesis [2]
Hanna, Ship's Navigator Invasion [2]
Captain Sisay Invasion [2]
Tahngarth, Talruum Hero Planeshift [2]
Gerrard Capashen Apocalypse [2]


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