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Wedges are sets of three colors (a color and its two enemies) that form a wedge shape, or an acute triangle.[1][2][3] In contrast, a combination of a color with its two allied colors is called a shard.

Description[ | ]

Ravnica block was the first to use multicolor factions, and gave them a theme to focus on, and incidentally also gave "names" to the four-color combinations by way of the Nephilim. With the release of Shards of Alara, the shards had their own identities, and the public immediately looked forward to the final color factions in the wedges. Before Khans of Tarkir, the names used were Dega, Ceta, Necra, Raka and Ana,[4] and collectively, albeit retroactively, referred to as Bizarralara (named after Bizarro, an enemy of Superman who's an imperfect clone of him).[5] These names come from five cycles in Apocalypse, i.e. Dega Disciple, Ceta Sanctuary, Necravolver, but were never the official names for the wedges.[6]

There were other unofficial names for the wedges prior to Khans, e.g. Junk.[7]

The primary color within a wedge is the color that is enemy to both of the other colors. In Apocalypse the cards would focus around the primary color. Later in Khans of Tarkir the clans would focus on another color.[8] The official order of the colors in a wedge was standardized with the Dominaria Oracle update, following the Tarkir template.[9]

The implementation of wedges in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths returns back to the common enemy color (ex. for the {W}{B}{G} wedge, Indatha is primarily black, while Abzan is primarily white). The set itself has little in the way of true wedge-colored cards, but the multicolored cards lean towards enemy-color, so wedge colored decks are as reasonable for draft.[10]

Abzan[ | ]

Abzan ({W}{B}{G}), also named Necra or Junk, features the outlast keyword. Primary color is black. Tarkir clan color is white. Its triome is Indatha.

Jeskai[ | ]

Jeskai ({U}{R}{W}), also named Raka, features the prowess keyword. Primary color is red. Tarkir clan color is blue. Its triome is Raugrin.

Sultai[ | ]

Sultai ({B}{G}{U}), also named Ana or Bug, features the delve keyword. Primary color is green. Tarkir clan color is black. Its triome is Zagoth.

Ana was the only wedge represented by a Battlemage in Planar Chaos.

Mardu[ | ]

Mardu ({R}{W}{B}), also named Dega, features the raid ability word. Primary color is white. Tarkir clan color is red. Its triome is Savai.

Temur[ | ]

Temur ({G}{U}{R}), also named Ceta or Rug, features the ferocious ability word. Primary color is blue. Tarkir clan color is green. Its triome is Ketria.

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