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Welcome Deck 2017

Welcome Deck 2017
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description A shooting star with the number 17.
Art direction Jeremy Jarvis
Release date April 15, 2017
(open house event)
Plane Multiversal
Themes and mechanics Evergreen
Keywords/​ability words Flying, Haste, Trample, Vigilance
Set size 30 cards
Expansion code W17[1]
Welcome deck sets
Welcome Deck 2016 Welcome Deck 2017 N/A
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might Welcome Deck 2017 Amonkhet

Welcome Deck 2017 is a 30-card reprint set which accompanies the release of the Amonkhet block as well as the Ixalan block.

These cards, numbered 001 to 030, do not appear in booster packs, but are Standard-legal as long as Amonkhet is Standard-legal.[2]. Despite not being announced as such, it is also a Pioneer-legal set.

All cards are mono-colored. There are five rares, five uncommons, and twenty commons. Each color features one rare. However, there is a color imbalance in the uncommons: White has two, blue, black, and green have one, and red has none.

Card list[ | ]

  1. Divine Verdict
  2. Glory Seeker
  3. Serra Angel (uncommon)
  4. Standing Troops
  5. Stormfront Pegasus (uncommon)
  6. Victory's Herald (rare)
  7. Air Elemental (uncommon)
  8. Coral Merfolk
  9. Drag Under
  10. Inspiration
  11. Sleep Paralysis
  12. Sphinx of Magosi (rare)
  13. Stealer of Secrets
  14. Tricks of the Trade
  15. Bloodhunter Bat
  16. Certain Death
  17. Nightmare (rare)
  18. Raise Dead
  19. Sengir Vampire (uncommon)
  20. Untamed Hunger
  21. Falkenrath Reaver
  22. Shivan Dragon (rare)
  23. Thundering Giant
  24. Garruk's Horde (rare)
  25. Oakenform
  26. Rabid Bite
  27. Rootwalla
  28. Stalking Tiger
  29. Stampeding Rhino
  30. Wing Snare (uncommon)

Change in rarity[ | ]

Common to Uncommon

Availability[ | ]

The cards appear in the corresponding welcome decks and in:

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