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The Whispering Woods and the Wild Woods

For the book, see Whispering Woods (novel).

Whispering Woods is a vast forest in North Aerona on Dominaria.[1]


This forest, home for many sylvan creatures and elves, was so imbued with magic and mana that it seemed to whisper. It's power strongly affected Greensleeves during her youth.[2] Greensleeves called its Maro-Sorcerer "Great Spirit of the forest", but Chaney called him Gaea's Liege.

The village White Ridge, hometown of Gull and Greensleeves, was located at the border of the forest, until it was destroyed in 4073 AR by the wizard Towser. On the other side of the village began the Wild Woods. South of the Whispering Woods lie the Hurloon Mountains.[3]

The coastal land west of the Whispering Woods is nowadays contested by Keldon raiders and Benalish colonists.

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