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First seen Mirage
Last seen Planechase Anthology
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The Emberwilde Caliph

Wildfire is a plane of flame and lava, home of many Djinni, Efreeti and goblins, and ruled by the Emberwilde Caliph Jan bin Jan, and the Emberwilde Order.[1]


Wildfire maintains trade with several of the Rabiahs, and Suq'Ata on Dominaria, through the use of several naturally-occuring portals that can be found scattered throughout the deserts. The Wildfire Efreeti are the main servants of the Emberwilde Djinn, who use them as emissaries to Suq'Ata. The Emberwilde Order is a group of Suq'Ata mages who pledged their allegiance to Wildfire.

It is said that the beings of Wildfire are responsible for teaching the goblins of Dominaria how to harness fire magic, knowing full well that they would be unable to master the gift.

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Wildfire, as a plane, shares much in common with the Elemental Plane of Fire from Wizards' other major property, Dungeons & Dragons.

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