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Race Dryad
Birthplace Arcavios
Lifetime Mending Era
Commander 2021

Professor Willowdusk is a gnarled dryad teacher at the Witherbloom College of Strixhaven University on Arcavios.[1]


No one knows how old Willowdusk really is. She claims to have been alive since the Blood Age, and although many suspect that's an exaggeration, no one else has been alive long enough to refute it. Many years ago, a group of rebellious students got hopelessly lost in Detention Bog and attempted to take shelter in what turned out to be Willowdusk's roots. She obligingly protected them from a pack of hungry bogroffs and shepherded them back to Widdershins Hall, lecturing them on proper herb-gathering practices as they traveled.

Her lessons proved so effective that she was asked to stay on as a professor. She loves passing on her knowledge of medicinal herbs, pest cultivation, and dissection techniques to generations of new students, and always has a pot of tea brewing in her office.[2]

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