Lord Windgrace is the last of the panther warrior tribe, and ruler of the Urborg swamps. He is proud and headstrong.


Lord Windgrace was one of the nine titans who helped Urza fend off the Phyrexian invasion. When another planeswalker was killed, he performed the ritual of taking the heart to prevent Lich lord possesion of the body. The fight with the Phyrexians left a deep imprinted hate of artifacts and anything associated with them.

In the Time Spiral story, he is absolute ruler of the Urborg swamps and everything in it. His army of glade hunters, large beasts from the swamps and forests like panthers, bears and all sorts of jungle beasts, enforce any law he decides on. In the swamp, the strictest law is a ban on artifacts. Anyone found in possession of machines - especially Phyrexian machines - was killed. Windgrace himself battled with the maniac mind controller, the Weaver King for control over the mind of Venser, a native to the realm of Urborg. As the rift above Urborg grew and spat out Phyrexians (from an alternate timeline where the Ice Age never ended), constantly depleting his energy and his supply of Glade hunters, he submitted to the advice of the now un-ignited Teferi and closes the rift with his planeswalker spark. Before doing so, he infused part of his strength into Urborg itself, to ensure its future protection, but as a result, he did not have the power to withstand his battle with the rift, and vanished alongside it.