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The Wojek League is the law enforcement division of the Boros Legion of Ravnica. The "'Jeks" are charged with maintaining the peace and wellbeing of the people of the districts of the Ravnica City.[1] [2]


The Wojek League are the elite soldiers of the Boros Legion. They serve the twin function military police and military intelligence.[3]

Before the destruction of the Guildpact, the Wojek League was chiefly concerned with making sure none of the other guilds broke the sacred pact. Although there was no "humans only" clause in the Wojek Officer's Manual, owl-folk were discouraged from applying.[1][4] The Wojek League was originally led by Commander-General Vict Gharti. After the destruction of the Guildpact and the rise of Agyrem, the league was taken over by Agrus Kos, and then was passed to Lt. Migellic. The current leader is Commander Anksa.

The headquarters of the Wojek League used to be the Parhelion, but is now Zelzo Base (located near Sunhome in the midst of a sprawling manufacturing district).[3]


  • Commander-General — a master of war and strategy as well as administration.
  • Section Commanders — one for each of the ten districts of Ravnica City.
  • Shift Captains— the highest rank that patrols the streets.
  • Embermages— the combat mages of the League.
  • Lieutenants — the most clever and experienced of the street patrol. They answer directly to the Shift Captain.
  • Skyjeks — counterparts to the Skyknight Legionnaires. They ride rocs to patrol and are a frequent sight in the skies above Ravnica.
  • Sergeants — standard street patrollers.
  • Apothecaries — healers.
  • Constables — taking care of the menial tasks that need taking care of
  • "The Grunts" — the common rank-and-file police that make up the majority of the manpower.

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  • The word "wojek" was inspired either by Polish "wojak", Slovak "vojak" or Czech "voják", meaning simply "soldier".